Childcare for Working Parents

In Monterrey, children need a safe place to go when their parents work late

After a little more than a week in Mexico, the time has come for Luis and I to visit our last affiliated site before returning home to the United States. Hogar Santa Maria is located just across the river from the city center of Guadalajara where you will find high rise hotels and a bustling main street. The contrast is stark as we drive from our hotel to the neighborhood where Santa Maria is located […]

Growing Up at La Luz

For children of incarcerated parents, support is needed for the long-term

Only four days into our trip to Mexico, our Director of International Programs, Luis Bourdet, and myself are already in our third city, Guadalajara.  After visiting our affiliated sites in both Mexico City and San Miguel de Allende, I am excited to also return to the La Luz Home in Guadalajara after six years. I have fond memories of meeting the children and getting to hear about this truly incredible site and the abundance of […]

Keeping Siblings Together in San Miguel de Allende

Once just a home for girls, Hogar Santa Julia is expanding its programs

After our visit to Casa Hogar Santa Inés in Mexico City, Children Incorporated Director of International Programs, Luis Bourdet and I were off to San Miguel de Allende to meet with Sister Isabel, our volunteer coordinator at Hogar Santa Julia. Remembering Santa Julia I had fond memories of Santa Julia from my visit six years prior – the beautiful grounds of the home, with its well-maintained gardens and bright colorful murals, stood out to me […]

Starting Back Better at Casa Hogar Santa Inés

After six years since our last visit, big changes are happening in Mexico City

It has been roughly two and half years since we have been able to visit our affiliated sites, and I personally couldn’t wait to have the opportunity to travel to Mexico again. It finally happened in mid-May, and the trip exceeded all of my expectations. Without a doubt, our volunteer coordinators have had a tough time through the pandemic. Whether in the United States or abroad, school closures made accessing the children in our sponsorship […]

Visiting our Affiliated Sites in Mexico Again

Children Incorporated is gearing up to meet with our coordinators in person

Prior to the pandemic, we have always visited our affiliated sites every two or three years to not only check in with our volunteer coordinators in person, but to see for ourselves the impact that our programs are having on children in need. Relaying messages of hope and inspiration to our sponsors and donors is an important part of our work, and one that we couldn’t wait to get back to doing. “After a few […]

“I Won’t Let Him Down”

Counting on friendships from across miles

On our site visit to Guadalajara last year, we met young Renaldo*. The five-year-old is the youngest of three children in his family, and he attends the La Luz (in English, “The Light”) Children’s Home, a home for children who have one or both parents serving time in prison. When we met Renaldo, he was making a special picture for his sponsor, Stephen Suelzle, a printer who lives 2,469 miles away from him in Portland, […]