“I Won’t let him down”

Counting on Friendship From Across The Miles

On our site visit to Guadalajara last fall we met young Renaldo*. The five-year-old is the youngest of three children in his family, and he attends the La Luz (in English, “The Light”) Children’s Home, a home for children who have one or both parents serving time in prison. When we met Renaldo, he was making a special picture for his sponsor, Stephen Suelzle, a printer who lives 2,469 miles away from him in Portland, […]

Finding Family for Mexico’s Most Vulnerable Children

  Mexico is such a modern, developed place that in many respects reminded me of America – but high unemployment rates have cities grappling with spikes in poverty and crime. As a result, there are many children who have been abused, neglected, or flat-out abandoned by family members in distress. In several cases, the parents are unable to care for their children because they are incarcerated. Children without families to help keep them safe, healthy, and […]

Creating a Safe Space for the Children of Monterrey

If you travel around Mexico, like we have, you’re sure to notice that Monterrey feels a little different from the rest of the major Mexican cities. It may be the wealth. After all, it’s the second wealthiest city in Mexico. But this capital of the state of Nuevo Leon is distinctly more modern feeling. Its population of 1.1 million produces iron, steel, glass, furniture, automobiles, and electronic equipment amidst the Sierra Madre Mountains on all sides. […]

La Luz: Keeping Families Together

The city of Guadalajara has a lot of things going for it—it’s considered the home of mariachi music, the historical area’s plazas and museums are sought-after by tourists, and overall, it’s considered to be the cultural capital of the Americas. With the surrounding areas considered, the population exceeds four million, making it the second most populated area after Mexico City. In 1986, a priest named Father Ramon Aguirre decided to start a home for children whose […]


Young Women, Technology, and the Future Generations of San Miguel de Allende

In just a few days in Mexico, Luis and I have already seen the impact of not just Children Incorporated’s efforts in these communities, but the impact of local generosity and perseverance too. Santa Julia, a home for girls just outside downtown San Miguel de Allende, was both like and unlike Mexiquito. Narrow roads led to the home, which is closely surrounded by private residences separated from the home by steep, protective walls, giving it […]

The Serenity of Mexiquito

A Home for Boys in San Miguel de Allende

It’s our fourth day in Mexico, and Luis and I have left a truly special place. I have never felt so much serenity when visiting one of our projects—in Mexico, in Africa, in Bolivia, or anywhere else. The sisters who run the Mexiquito Home outside San Miguel de Allende have just shown us a sanctuary (in every sense of the word) for boys of all ages. When we left Mexico City yesterday around noon, we […]