How We Work

Children Incorporated partners with already-established schools, group homes, and community centers to address the specific needs of the children they serve, offering each child basic needs every month.

Our volunteer coordinators at each of our affiliated sites also inform us about the greater needs of each child’s families, the sites where they work, and the local community so we can offer lasting support that creates real change on a global scale.

Areas of Impact

  • Education

  • Health and Well-being

  • Emergency Relief

  • Community Support

Our Affiliated Sites Around the World

United States

In the United States, we work in eight states, both in inner cities and rural areas, including in the Navajo Nation. Sponsoring a child in the U.S. provides them with basic necessities, such as food, clothing, school supplies, and hygiene items. Your support helps ensure children have the vital essentials they need to grow up healthy, remain in school, and get a quality education in a safe and supportive environment.

Stories from our U.S. Sites

A Big School Making a Big Impact

Located in the town of Owingsville in Kentucky’s Bath County, Crossroads Elementary School is a consolidation of two of Children Incorporated’s former affiliated schools – Bethel and Salt Lick Elementary Schools. When the two older schools were shut down, one new school was built to replace them; and according to our Director of U.S. Programs, Renée Kube, who recently visited Bath County, the school is huge. Serving 496 children in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade, a large […]


We work in 19 countries in Central America, South America, Asia, and Africa. When you sponsor a child internationally, you are providing them food, clothing, healthcare, and the opportunity to receive an education. For as little as $30 a month, you can ensure that children living in poverty have a chance at a better a brighter future.

Stories from our International Sites

A Quality Education for Children in Bolivia

The small landlocked nation of Bolivia comprises the rugged Andes Mountains and vast high-altitude plateaus to the west, including a portion of Lake Titicaca – the largest high-altitude lake in the world. To the east are the lush lowland plains of the Amazon Jungle. Despite its wealth of natural beauty and resources, Bolivia bears the scars of centuries of conflict, beginning with the Spanish conquistadors, and followed by almost 200 years of wars and internal […]

Facts About Child Poverty

Children living in poverty are at risk of not receiving an education, because they suffer from hunger, lack access to healthcare, or don’t have proper clothes — all of which are preventable.

Find out more about the adversity that children from impoverished households face, and what Children Incorporated is doing to help.