A Family Helping Other Families

An interview with the Ruddicks

You started with Children Incorporated in November 1980 according to our records. Do you recall how you initially found Children Incorporated?   I saw a newspaper clipping about Children Incorporated  when I was 20 years old. Jeanne Clarke Wood was the founder and director at the time. The small not for profit organization appealed to me since the children in the program were not orphans but had families whose parents needed a little financial assistance to help […]

Our February 2024 Impact Report

A Letter from our Volunteer Coordinator at James D. Adams Middle School in Kentucky

Although we are not always considered to be an emergency relief organization, it is amazing how quickly we actually can respond to helping children and families in our programs when sudden needs arise. Today we hear from Michelle at James D. Adams Middle School about how our Hope In Action Fund has come to the rescue for her over the last year, especially when needed after devastating flooding in Eastern Kentucky. Michelle’s Note “What a […]

Visiting our Affiliated Sites in Martin County

Ron Carter travels to Kentucky to visit with our volunteer coordinators

While visiting Martin County, Kentucky last fall, I met with Kara, our site coordinator, and I was absolutely blown away by her caring nature and the extent of services she and her assistant offer the young people at Martin County High School. Kara stated that she feels her main goal is to help the teenagers at her school look and feel good, just like everyone else, so that they will fit in and are not […]

Sponsoring Children Until Graduation

Students at Guarderia El Angel can now be sponsored until they finish high school

My trip to Bolivia had come to an end, but our Director of International Programs, Luis Bourdet, still had a few more affiliated sites to visit in Bolivia before he returned to our office in the U.S. Today, Luis recounts his visit to Guarderia El Angel, located in Santa Cruz, where our sponsors are supporting impoverished children from 1st to 12th grade. Luis’ Visit “El Angel is a day care facility that is located on […]

Our January 2024 Impact Report

A letter from Traci at Valle Crucis Elementary School

Without our sponsors, children living in poverty would go without so much — including food, clothing, hygiene items and crucial educational materials they require to do well in school. Today we hear from Traci at Valle Crucis Elementary School in North Carolina as she expresses her appreciation for our sponsors, who have a huge impact on children in need. Traci’s letter “Children Incorporated has helped children in our school in so many ways over the […]

Offering a Home for Abandoned Children in Bolivia

The Santa Clotilde Home in Sucre helps girls who have place to live

After almost a week in Sucre, our International Director of Programs, Luis Bourdet, and I were winding down our visits to our affiliated sites, with only two left before we would leave Bolivia. Up until then, all the sites we had visited were schools or afterschool centers, but now, we were visiting the one site we work with that is a group home for girls in need. Located in the city center of Sucre, the […]