Connecting Students to the Right Services

Our volunteer coordinator at Cardozo Education Campus faces many challenges

Cardozo Educational Campus is now Children Incorporated’s longest affiliated site in Washington, DC. It is also our only affiliated site in Ward 1. This ward has a rich architectural and cultural heritage. It is a true melting pot, with immigrants from all over the world. It is the modern heart of the city’s Hispanic/Latino community. It is also home to many of the city’s African American and Asian American small businesses. This ward has 12 […]

Working in School and Not in the Fields

The J. Calvitt Clarke Home keeps children from having to labor

Luis Boudret, our Director of International Programs, visits the J. Calvitt, Clarke Home in India, which is named after the father of our founder, Jeanne Clarke Wood. About the J. Calvitt Clarke Home  “The town of Dornakal, located about 100 miles east of Hyderabad in the southeastern Indian state of Telangana, is a region where poverty is extensive, especially in years when droughts destroy the rice harvest. Since so many families cannot adequately provide for […]

Loving Their Time at Grace Aaron

Sponsored children in India immensely enjoy the child care center they attend

As he continues his visits to our affiliated sites in India, Luis Bourdet visits the Grace Aaron Child Care Center, where students are very happy to be in attendance. “The town of Burgampahad, in the southeastern Indian state of Telangana, is where the Grace Aaron Child Care Center is located,” explained Luis Bourdet. “Within this rice-producing region, which is susceptible to crop-destroying flooding and droughts, thousands of field laborers earn very low wages. Due to […]

A Strong Sense of Identity in Washington, D.C.

Our U.S. programs team visits our affiliated sites in our nation’s capital

Over the years, Children Incorporated has been affiliated with a total of 10 Washington, D.C. public schools. The affiliations began in approximately 2009, when our U.S. Programs Urban Division Director at that time, Ron Carter, sought to expand upon the relationship he had made possible between Children Incorporated and Communities In Schools (CIS) of Richmond. Being pleased with CIS as a partner, and ready for Children Incorporated to grow to its next urban affiliations, Ron […]

Improving the Chandrakal Boarding Home in India

Thanks to our donors, we have been able to help with renovations

It has been almost six years since our Director of International Programs, Luis Bourdet, has had the opportunity to return to our affiliated sites in India to meet with our volunteer coordinators and sponsored children there. Thankfully, this past October, he was able to make the trip along with our International Programs Specialist, Yefiny Mena, who was seeing India for the first time. They started their journey by visiting the Chandrakal Boarding Home, a long-time […]

Our May 2024 Impact Report

Our former coordinator Melanie writes a heartfelt impact letter to our sponsors

For nearly two decades, our former volunteer coordinator at Menifee County Middle and High Schools, Melanie, worked closely with children in our program who struggled having very little consistency in their lives outside of the support they received from their sponsors. Today, we hear from Melanie, who retired from her position last year, about how Children Incorporated was so important for her students during her many years as the school’s resource center coordinator. Melanie’s Letter […]