Our Shared Hope Fund is Life-Changing For Children In Need

A letter from our CEO and President, Ron Carter

Dear Friends, Whenever Children Incorporated adds a new affiliated site to the list of schools and community centers we serve, we also enroll children right away, who are ready and waiting for their sponsorship experience to start. Inevitably, there is a period of time when the children must wait for assistance as we work hard to find caring sponsors to support them. It sometimes takes us weeks and even months to locate individual sponsors who […]

Our Impact Report: September 2022

Thanks to you, we have provided children and families around the world with support

As a part of our ongoing Stories of Hope blog series, we want to share with you our monthly Impact Report as a way to say “thank you” to all our supporters who make our work possible. Beyond what you already provide to children through our sponsorship program, your donations to our Special Funds and Special Projects allow us to have a help families and communities as well, often in times of crisis. Your Impact […]

Understanding Lebanon

What you might not know about Lebanon and child poverty

Lebanon is located on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, bordering Israel to the south and Syria to the east and north. This country of six million people acknowledges eighteen religious groups, the largest being the Shiite and Sunnite Muslims; there is also a large Christian population in the country. Up to the end of World War I, Lebanon was part of the Ottoman Empire. In 1920, the League of Nations issued France a […]

Extra Support for Children in North Carolina

A letter from Traci, our volunteer coordinator at Valle Crucis Elementary School

Letters from our volunteer coordinators around the world are one of our favorite ways to show the impact that our sponsors have on children in our program. Today, we hear from Traci about how our sponsors help children throughout the school year at Valle Crucis Elementary School in North Carolina. A warm thank you from Traci “This year, Children Incorporated helped our school give extra support to the special children who are a part of […]

A Special Thank You to Sharon

Our volunteer coordinator at Broad Rock Elementary School expresses her gratitude to a sponsor

All of our sponsors are incredibly important to us and the children they support, and we are delighted every time we receive a letter from one of our volunteer coordinators about how a sponsor went above and beyond to make a difference for children in need. Today, we hear from Rachel at Broad Rock Elementary School in Virginia, who wrote to one of our sponsors, Sharon, after she donated toys and educational games to the […]

Our Special Funds at Work in Eastern Kentucky

At Betsy Lane High School, multiple Children Incorporated funds are supporting children in need

As our Floyd County, Kentucky virtual visit series comes to a close, our Director of U.S. Programs, Renée Kube, tells us about our newest affiliated site in the area, Betsy Lane High School, and how valuable so many of our programs are to its Family Resource Center coordinator, Anita. “Betsy Lane High School officially began partnering with Children Incorporated October 2020, with a few kids transferring in from other affiliated schools. Our Volunteer Coordinator, Anita, […]