Depending on Our Sponsors in Kentucky

Ron Carter continues his visits to Martin County

As I continued my trip to visit our affiliated sites in Martin County, Kentucky, I visited Eden Elementary School, where I had the chance to reconnect with our volunteer coordinator, Marlena, after a few years. She and her assistant, Kelli, welcomed me with open arms as I arrived to the resource center. SEEING EDEN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Marlena and Kelli are very appreciative of the Children Incorporated program, and I got the impression from them, as […]

A Colorful Future Ahead of a Monotone Landscape

Kristen Walthall visits the To’Hajiilee Community School

It is always a tremendous privilege to have the opportunity to meet the dedicated folks who make our programs possible at their schools. Our U.S. Division checks in with each of our affiliated sites in person about every other year, on average, so that we can stay up-to-date on goings on with our sponsorship program, as well as address and adapt to changing student and school needs. In our travels, we not only tour the […]

Scarcely Making Ends Meet in New Mexico

Caretakers of children at Mariano Lake Community School struggle financially

As she continues her visit to our affiliated sites in New Mexico, our Director of U.S. Programs, Renée Kube, visits the Mariano Lake Community School where she meets with Barbara, our volunteer coordinator. VISITING MARIANO LAKE “Mariano Lake Community School is located about 60 miles south-southwest of Lake Valley. Whereas the Lake Valley area is rocky and has become more arid, the Mariano Lake area has sandy soil and more vegetation. There are several types […]

Our March 2024 Impact Report

A letter from Jessica at Piney Creek Elementary School

We love receiving letters from our volunteer coordinators because they offer such amazing insight into how our sponsors are helping children in need around the world. Today, we share a letter from Jessica at Piney Creek Elementary School about how she is able to help her students, all thanks to our supporters. Jessica’s Letter “The 2022-2023 school year has been a grateful return to normal after the uncertainties and changes presented by the global pandemic. […]

Visiting our Affiliated Sites in Martin County

Ron Carter travels to Kentucky to visit with our volunteer coordinators

While visiting Martin County, Kentucky last fall, I first met with Kara, our site coordinator at Martin County High School, and I was absolutely blown away by her caring nature and the extent of services she and her assistant offer the young people at her school. Kara stated that she feels her main goal is to help the teenagers at her school look and feel good, just like everyone else, so that they will fit […]

Willingness to Invest in Students

A letter from our volunteer coordinator, Scott, at Lewis County Middle and High Schools

It is amazing to us what our volunteer coordinators are able to do to help children in need when given the freedom to determine what is best for children in our program, which is something we are proud to offer to them. Today we hear from Scott at Lewis County Middle and High Schools, about some of his students who benefited from our sponsorship program in a way which he feels shows an investment in […]