Sending Thank-Yous From North Carolina

Our volunteer coordinator at Alleghany High School sends a message of gratitude

Twice a year, our volunteer coordinators in the United States send us report about how our sponsorship program is working at their school, which often times comes are poignant and emotional thank you’s directed to our sponsors for all they do. Hear from Anne Marie at Alleghany High School about how important our program is for her kids in the rural part of North Carolina where she lives and just how far donations go towards […]

Our Special Projects at Work

How requests from our volunteer coordinators are helping children around the world

What do we mean when we talk about special projects at Children Incorporated? Our special projects come from a variety of requests from our volunteer coordinators at our affiliated sites, but they all mean one thing — crucial support for children, families and communities. “We consider three different types of support when we talk about the ways that our donors can help some of the most vulnerable people in the world,” explains Children Incorporated’s Director […]

New Updates for an Old Home

The Maria Reyna Home in Honduras is being repaired thanks to support from our donors

Beyond what we are able to do through our sponsorship program for children living in poverty, we are also able to help make improvements to the affiliated sites, thanks to our sponsors and donors. At Children Incorporated, we feel that it is just as valuable to support infrastructure projects, such as building repairs, as it is to help our children and their families — largely because without our affiliated sites, we wouldn’t have access to […]

Home Cooking in India

Thanks to our Hope In Action Fund, the J. Calvitt Clarke Home has a fully functioning dining room and kitchen

One of the ways we work to help children in our program is by supporting the needs of the affiliated sites where they are receiving care. This is especially important at our sites, like the J. Calvitt Clarke Home in India, where children not only attend school at the home but live during the week and require additional resources — including nutritious meals. A loving gift Today, we hear from our volunteer coordinator, Benarji, who […]

A Year Later and a Lot of Big Changes

Thanks to our partnership with the Jeunesse Kids Foundation, we have been able to help thousands of children in need

In early 2021, we were fortunate to partner with the Jeunesse Foundation to support children in our projects around the world. A year later, we look back at what we have been able to accomplish thanks to their support. Our Director of International Programs, Luis Bourdet, writes about the projects we have supported abroad: “Tablets were distributed to children at affiliated programs in Colombia, Brazil, and Peru over the past year, thanks to the Jeunesse […]

Thanksgiving Meals for Kids and Their Families

Thanks to our donors, children received food to take home for the holidays

Thanksgiving is a special time of year for many families in the United States, but for those living in poverty, the expense of purchasing food for the holiday can be something they just can’t afford. Thankfully, for many of our sponsored children, we were able to provide funding from our Hope In Action Fund and our U.S. Feeding Program Fund to purchase meals to send home before Thanksgiving break. At the request of our volunteer […]