Poverty and Natural Disasters

The poor tend to suffer more from disasters — and the effects are devastating

Over the years, our supporters have heard numerous accounts of families we work with needing emergency support when natural disasters strike. From flooding to earthquakes to hurricanes to volcanic eruptions, those living in impoverished areas of the world are more affected in negative ways than those not living in poverty. “At its most basic level, poverty increases vulnerably,” says Children Incorporated’s Director of Development, Shelley Callahan. “When families are living in old houses or in […]

Recycling to Support Families in Need

Children Incorporated donor, Richard Graff, is helping children in the Philippines by collecting items from work to resell

When Richard Graff became a donor with Children Incorporated this past summer, he had an interest in providing support to the Philippines — and came up with a creative way to raise funds through his work to do just that. “What motivated me to donate to the Philippines is I have friends from the Philippines whom I have met through the fishing industry and learned of the struggles that occurred with COVID-19 occurring, so it […]