Our November 2023 Impact Report

A letter from Linda at Highland Turner Elementary School in Kentucky

Many of our affiliated sites in Eastern Kentucky were greatly impacted by flooding last year, which left communities devastated and families homeless. Thanks to our Hope In Action Fund, which allows us to respond to emergency situations that arise, we were able to help many people start to rebuild their lives. Today we hear from Linda at Highland Turner Elementary School, who writes to tell us about how our donors and sponsors helped children in […]

Offering Support to our Neighbors in the Caribbean

Our President and CEO, Ron Carter, expands our efforts to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has had a special place in my heart ever since I first visited the island in 2018 to help rebuild homes after the devastation of Hurricane Maria. Since then, we at Children Incorporated have been working hard to establish our first affiliated site in Puerto Rico, partnering with Iglesia Bautista de Metrópolis to help support children and families for the long-term. This past April, I was able to return to Puerto Rico for […]

Seeking Refuge from the Floods

The Cancumbang Center in Tacloban was built above the ground to help protect families when in need

I spent the last three days of my trip to the Philippines with our volunteer coordinators, WimWim and Ester, visiting our affiliated sites in Tacloban, all operated under the Volunteer for the Visayans organization, or VFV. After visiting the Visayans Center at Bliss and the Santo Nino Center in previous days, it was time to visit our final site, the Cancumbang Center, located in the Cancumbang neighborhood about an hour outside of the city center. […]

Hope After Yolanda

Ten years later, residents of Tacloban are still reminded of tragedy

When I first started at Children Incorporated in May of 2014, I remember hearing a lot about our relief efforts in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan, which had devastated areas of southeast Asia in November 2013. I recall clearly stories from our staff about the damage that had occurred in Tacloban, where our affiliated site, the Visayans Center (which is run by non-profit organization, Volunteer for the Visayans, or VFV) was located. After the storm […]

Our Donors to the Rescue

Donations for emergency relief in Eastern Kentucky has raised over $22,000

In late July of this year, we reported on the massive flooding that occurred in Eastern Kentucky, which devastated many of the communities in which we work. Storms followed by rising water damaged homes and schools, leaving families of our sponsored children without a place a live — and in dire need of emergency relief. In the first week after the flooding, our Director of U.S. Programs, Renée Kube, sent $1000 to each of the […]

Help Save Children in Ethiopia

Facts about Child Poverty in Ethiopia and How Children Incorporated is Helping

Located in the easternmost portion of Africa, Ethiopia is ecologically diverse, comprising desert steppes, highland plateaus, towering mountains, and tropical rainforest. Archeological evidence suggests that people have called this land home for tens of thousands of years. With one of the first known alphabet systems, Ethiopia is truly a cradle of civilization. Today, it is the world’s most populous landlocked nation. Its wealth of natural resources lends itself to Ethiopia’s primarily agriculture-based economy. Coffee is […]