Two Coordinators, One Resource Center

At Fairview Independent Schools in Eastern Kentucky, two coordinators share a large workload

Fairview Independent School comprises two campuses, Fairview Elementary and Fairview High Schools, located just a few blocks apart from each other in the small community of Westwood, Kentucky. Like many communities in Eastern Kentucky, Westwood has suffered significantly from the decline of the coal and steel mining industries that used to dominate this area At one point, Armco Steel employed the majority of the Westwood workforce and made it a prosperous town Today, only 1300 […]

How Poverty Impacts Academic Achievement

At Beaver Creek Elementary School, students’ test scores lag behind state averages

In our work at Children Incorporated, we often talk about the importance of getting an education. For children in our program, we believe education is the key to finding jobs upon graduation that will enable them to work toward breaking the cycle of poverty from which they come. Unfortunately, statistics show that children growing up in impoverished households often perform less well academically than their peers. The challenges of living below the poverty line As […]

A Decline in Enrollment

Emmalena Elementary School has felt the effects of job loss due to mine closures

Emmalena Elementary School is located on State Highway 550 in the western part of Knott County, Kentucky just west of the community of Clear Creek. “The community of Clear Creek was the site of a 1970s women’s occupation and protest against strip and surface mining, especially the practice that allowed coal operators to tear up private land to reach underground minerals,” explains Renée Kube, Children Incorporated’s Director of U.S. Programs. “Some small, independent operators had […]

The Hardworking Families of Eastern Kentucky

Generations of parents have struggled to raise their kids in poverty-stricken areas of Appalachia

The Commonwealth of Kentucky comprises five primary geographical regions. Children Incorporated’s outreach is in the eastern third of the state known as the Cumberland Plateau region. Many young boys and girls of this community whose families have suffered without steady employment go without meals on the weekends or shiver in the cold at night without heat in their homes during the harsh Appalachian winter. As a part of the Appalachian Mountain and Plateau region of […]

Limited Housing for Students in Hazard

Low-income families in Perry County, Kentucky are lacking affordable housing options

Perry County Central High School is located in the city of Hazard in Perry County in the Eastern Kentucky Coalfield. Hazard, once a nineteenth-century settlement with a booming coal mining community, is nestled in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. The geographic isolation of Perry County has led to deep-rooted preservation of this region’s rich culture; but this has also contributed to economic stagnation over the years. Families that do not have steady or sufficient incomes often […]

Sending Rebecca to Prom

A local community in Leslie County, Kentucky steps up to help low-income students have a special night

Founded in 1878, Leslie County lies nestled in the rural foothills of Kentucky’s Eastern Coalfield region. Despite its wealth of natural beauty and proud history, this region suffers from widespread poverty and deprivation. Once bolstered by the area’s booming coal and lumber industries, the county’s economy is now deteriorating. Between 2013 and 2015 alone, Leslie County suffered a loss of 700 coal-mining jobs, with no foreseeable recovery in the coal industry. The resulting unemployment left […]