Responding to COVID-19 in the United States

A message from our U.S. Director of Programs Renée Kube

Amidst school closures across the U.S., our concern has turned to how to best help children who are already living in vulnerable situations. Many kids in our program rely on school lunches and our Backpack Feeding Program to ensure they are receiving adequate meals throughout the day and on the weekends. Additionally, many children living in poverty who we support don’t live in safe and comfortable environments, and the school day is often a refuge […]

Beds and Blankets for Sisters in Need

A thank you from Children Incorporated

During the difficult time of changes due to the COVID-19 virus, donations to our Beds and Linens Fund from our donors — just like you —were able to help two sisters in need before they weren’t able to return to school for some time. Our volunteer coordinator, Jackie, at one of our affiliated schools in Kentucky, became aware that these two young girls enrolled in our sponsorship program didn’t have beds at home. With funding […]

Together, We Can Change Lives — One Child at a Time

A Hope In Action Fund message from our our President and Chief Executive Office Ronald H. Carter

Dear Friends, I want to tell you a story about a special young lady named Anna.* Anna lives in Kentucky and is a senior in high school. She is an ambitious girl who has always dreamed of a better life for herself — better than the life she had become so accustomed to as she was growing up. Years ago, Teresa, our volunteer coordinator at the school Anna attends, saw Anna’s potential to rise above […]

Looking for the Bigger Picture

Long-time sponsor Laura DeCook reflects on her sponsorship experience

When I received an email earlier this year from sponsor Laura DeCook about a bake sale fundraiser she was hosting, I was thrilled to hear about her efforts to help her sponsored child, Caroline*, beyond her monthly sponsorship contribution. What I didn’t realize at the time was just how much more Laura was doing when it came to being involved in Caroline’s life — and the lives of other children as well. I would soon […]

Attending, Learning and Graduating

Our volunteer coordinator at Boyd County High School works hard to make sure her students succeed

Students in attendance at Boyd County High School in the small rural town of Cannonsburg, Kentucky are fortunate to have their resource center volunteer, Vickie, in their lives. Thanks in large part to Vickie’s efforts, the school has a high success rate — much higher than many other schools in Eastern Kentucky. As of last year, 93% of students at the school graduate within four years, and 65% enroll in some type of higher education. […]

Pride in Her Students

Our Coordinator at Catlettsburg Elementary and Ponderosa Elementary Schools in Kentucky praises her students for giving back

For years, Catlettsburg, where our affiliated projects Catlettsburg Elementary and Ponderosa Elementary Schools are located, was known as “The Gate City” because it was here that barges were loaded with coal to be shipped down the Ohio River to other ports. Although the children may come from strikingly different economic backgrounds, that doesn’t change how they interact with one other. The decline of the coal industry in Kentucky and West Virginia has severely diminished the […]