Much Appreciation for Our Support in Boyd County, Kentucky

Jenny at Catlettsburg Elementary School reflects on this past school year

As a part of our work with our affiliated sites in the United States, our volunteer coordinators write letters to talk about their resource center programs and how our sponsors are changing the lives of children at their schools. Today, we hear from Jenny at Catlettsburg Elementary School in Kentucky, who is incredibly grateful to have partners just like Children Incorporated and knows first-hand how our work helps change the lives of children in need. […]

Poverty and Natural Disasters

The poor tend to suffer more from disasters — and the effects are devastating

Over the years, our supporters have heard numerous accounts of families we work with needing emergency support when natural disasters strike. From flooding to earthquakes to hurricanes to volcanic eruptions, those living in impoverished areas of the world are more affected in negative ways than those not living in poverty. “At its most basic level, poverty increases vulnerably,” says Children Incorporated’s Director of Development, Shelley Callahan. “When families are living in old houses or in […]

A Message of Encouragement from Miss Kentucky

Miss Kentucky, Haley Wheeler, visits and speaks with sponsored children at Sebastian Elementary School

When children living in poverty are facing difficulties in life on a regular basis, they not only need help with basic necessities, but they also need words of encouragement, so they can realize their worth and value in the world. Recently, our volunteer coordinator, Genevieve, at Sebastian Elementary School, sent us a letter and photos after a visit from Haley Wheeler, the current Miss Kentucky. Ms. Wheeler came by the school to meet with students […]

Supporting Affiliated Sites Across the United States

Thanks to our partnership with Altar’d State, multiple U.S. sites received support in 2021

Not too long ago, we reported on how our partner, Altar’d State, was able to help our international affiliated sites during the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to their generous contributions to our many special funds. Today, we have multiple updates to share with you about how Altar’d State also supported our U.S. sites — from Kentucky across the country to New Mexico. A letter from Renée  In response to the donations made to our affiliated sites […]

An Overwhelming Positive Change

Theresa at Floyd Central in Kentucky shares a heartwarming story

Today, we want to share a letter of hope and inspiration from one of our many incredible volunteer coordinators from around the world. If there was ever any doubt of the power of sponsorship, Teresa, at Floyd Central High School in Kentucky, confirms with a sweet letter just how much sponsors mean to children in our program: “Dear Children Incorporated Staff and Sponsors, First of all, I want to say thank you for everything that […]

Making the Year Extraordinary for Children in Need

Our coordinators in Letcher County, Kentucky express their gratitude for our sponsors

Today, we want to share a letter from our volunteer coordinators in Letcher County, Kentucky, who want to express their gratitude for everything that our sponsors have done for the children in our program over the last year. A note from Jennifer “Dear Staff and Sponsors, Letcher County Central High School, our Youth Services Center, and our students would like to thank Children Incorporated and its sponsors for all they have done for our students […]