Focusing on Learning in Menifee County

Our coordinator, Melanie, writes a heartfelt impact letter to our sponsors

Melanie noted that the greatest struggle for her schools has been the return to in-person learning from virtual; she said that there is a large decline in the students’ ability to communicate with teachers, staff – and even their peers – and that they tend to be loners and are perpetually glued to their phones. Melanie also indicated that during virtual learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of her students were alone at […]

Our February 2024 Impact Report

A Letter from our Volunteer Coordinator at James D. Adams Middle School in Kentucky

Although we are not always considered to be an emergency relief organization, it is amazing how quickly we actually can respond to helping children and families in our programs when sudden needs arise. Today we hear from Michelle at James D. Adams Middle School about how our Hope In Action Fund has come to the rescue for her over the last year, especially when needed after devastating flooding in Eastern Kentucky. Michelle’s Note “What a […]

A Family Helping Other Families

An interview with Sandra and Michael Ruddick

Michael and Sandra Ruddick are a family that I have had the pleasure of spending time with over the last 20 years, although their support of our organization far exceeds the time that I have been with Children Incorporated. I recently took some time to ask them some questions about how they became dedicated donors and what drives them to continue to be involved in our work so many years later. RC: You started with […]

Expressing the Importance of Our Support in La Paz

In the community of Villa Armonia, our sponsors are helping immensely

After spending a little more than a week together visiting our affiliated sites in Sucre and Santa Cruz, it was time for me to depart and return home from Bolivia, as our Director of International Programs, Luis Bourdet, stayed to visit two more of our sites by himself — the Pedro Poveda School in La Paz and the the Lourdes School in Santa Ana del Yacuma. I had the pleasure of visiting Pedro Poveda in […]

Making a Lasting Difference in the Lives of Children in Need

Legacy Giving is one of the most important ways we plan for the future

Dear Friends, As the leader of Children Incorporated, one of my greatest responsibilities is finding the funds needed to meet the vast array of needs presented to us, almost on a daily basis. These needs come from our volunteer coordinators and those managing our programs in the field, and they are many and diverse. Our child sponsorship program addresses a large number of the more common requests such as those for food, clothing, and school […]

We Need Help to End Hunger for Children in Need

A Letter From our CEO and President, Ron Carter

 Dear Friends, I recently went on my first ever cruise to the Bahamas and Mexico, and I must say I truly enjoyed the experience. The sunrises over the ocean each morning were breathtaking, and the brush of the waves against the hull of the ship lulled me to sleep each evening. The cruise personnel was wonderfully attentive, and the entertainment on the ship – including two Broadway-type shows and an incredible singer saluting the late […]