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Children Incorporated Invites Readers to Join them “On the Road”

Real­-Time Blog Series to Cover Actual Site Visits in Latin America and the US RICHMOND, Va. ­ Children Incorporated (CI) today announced the launch of its inaugural blogging series: On the Road. Starting this week, the international child sponsorship organization will take readers on a real-­time, virtual journey to actual site visits as far as Bolivia and close to home as Kentucky. “We rely on the support of donors and sponsors to provide the basic […]

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One Clinic, So Many Lives

Imagine as a parent, your little boy has had a fever off and on for days now; he is always tired, and his body aches. You think he has malaria. All he needs is medicine, but you are poor, and can’t even afford to take him to the doctor – much less get him the medicine he needs to get better. But if he doesn’t get help soon, he could end up having breathing problems for the rest of his life. Or worse yet, he could die. You are desperate and feel helpless. This is […]


A Full Belly for a Full Curriculum

The Pinagpala Feeding Program is a project that was started by Children Incorporated at the Pinagpala Children’s Center in Tagaytay City, Philippines. In 2000, the center was founded by a local church to provide educational assistance to local children in need. Like Children Incorporated, the Pinagpala Children’s Center operates on the mindset that the cycle of poverty can, in fact, be broken – and it begins with children! The Children’s Center primarily serves first- through […]


Help Them Hear Today for a More Vibrant Tomorrow!

Children Incorporated works in collaboration with the Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf in Riad El Solh Beirut, Lebanon. Among the students who attend this school are many Syrian child refugees who have been hearing-impaired since birth. Not only have their families had to face the enormous challenge of adequately accommodating the special needs of a deaf child, but they have also had no choice but to flee their home country in search of safety. These refugee households are particularly lacking, as without any support from the Lebanese government because of their immigration status, it is incredibly difficult for them […]

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Bolivia School Project Update: Last Phase Almost Complete!

The last phase of the construction of classrooms that started last Spring at the Montero School in Bolivia has begun. This final sections of the building includes two classrooms – an addition to the five that were built during phases one and two- which are close to completion. The last phase will add restrooms to the building. Each classroom will serve 35 to 40 first- through sixth-graders in the mornings, and the same number of seventh- through twelfth-graders in the afternoons – a total of […]


Professions with a Future

Children Incorporated’s Director of International Programs Luis Bordet recently received a report from our affiliate Colegio Vida (Life School) at the Juan Apostol School in Villa Nueva, just outside of Guatemala City; with the help of contributions from our sponsors and donors, 103 high school graduates of the Juan Apostol School graduated in 2015 with Colegio Vida certifications that will help put them on the path to professions with a future. Cross-culturally, one of the greatest challenges to graduates is the practical application of academic knowledge. With its motto being “An Institution Created to Make a […]