Much Appreciation for Our Support in Boyd County, Kentucky

Jenny at Catlettsburg Elementary School reflects on this past school year

As a part of our work with our affiliated sites in the United States, our volunteer coordinators write letters to talk about their resource center programs and how our sponsors are changing the lives of children at their schools. Today, we hear from Jenny at Catlettsburg Elementary School in Kentucky, who is incredibly grateful to have partners just like Children Incorporated and knows first-hand how our work helps change the lives of children in need. […]

A Message of Encouragement from Miss Kentucky

Miss Kentucky, Haley Wheeler, visits and speaks with sponsored children at Sebastian Elementary School

When children living in poverty are facing difficulties in life on a regular basis, they not only need help with basic necessities, but they also need words of encouragement, so they can realize their worth and value in the world. Recently, our volunteer coordinator, Genevieve, at Sebastian Elementary School, sent us a letter and photos after a visit from Haley Wheeler, the current Miss Kentucky. Ms. Wheeler came by the school to meet with students […]

Desks for Kids at Dandora

Thanks to our donors, we have provided hundreds of new desks for children in our program

It is easy to think that children around the world have access to some of the most basic needs when attending school because we are accustomed to certain standards — but in reality, many children have to pay for necessities that we take for granted in the United States. In Kenya, students at the Dandora Community Centre are expected to pay tuition, buy their uniforms, afford school supplies and books — and even purchase their […]

Children’s Education and Poverty

What you should know about how poverty affects childhood education

At Children Incorporated, we believe that education is a way out of poverty for children, both in the United States and globally. Many barriers stand in the way of children receiving an education, from unaffordable school fees and a lack of basic facilities, to discrimination and low-quality instruction. These are often compounded by some cultural practices such as early marriage, as well as by the general preference of boys over girls, both of which make […]

Following Their Education in Lebanon

Thanks to their sponsors, children at the Armenian Evangelical Secondary School in Anjar have school supplies

Sometimes it seems that what we provide for our sponsored children around the world is so simple that it couldn’t possibly make a huge difference in their lives — but in reality, the simple things do often make a lasting change. Our volunteer coordinator at the Armenian Evangelical Secondary School in Anjar, Lebanon wrote us a letter of appreciation after we recently provided  vulnerable children in our program with school supplies that he insists are […]

Adding New Affiliated Sites in the Philippines

In early 2022, we began working with two additional sites in the Philippines — and hundreds of children will benefit

It is always exciting to hear from our volunteer coordinators that they are able to expand our sponsorship program within their regions because it means that more children in need will benefit from having a loving sponsor. This year, thanks to the efforts of our coordinators in the Philippines, we have added not only one new project but two — which will help hundreds of  children in need. Of course, we couldn’t do our important […]