A Need for Beds at Lou Ann Long

Children sleep on small mats on the floor at our affiliated site

As our Director of International Programs Luis Bourdet continues his travels in India visiting our affiliated sites in the country, he tells us about the Lou Ann Long Girls’ Hostel, in which children in our program are in need of beds and linens for a comfortable night’s rest. About the Lou Ann Long GIRLS’ HOSTEL “The small town of Yadgiri, where the Lou Ann Long Girls’ Hostel is located, is in the southern Indian state […]

We Need Help to End Hunger for Children in Need

A letter from our President and CEO, Ron Carter

Dear Friends, I recently went on my first ever cruise to the Bahamas and Mexico, and I must say I truly enjoyed the experience. The sunrises over the ocean each morning were breathtaking, and the brush of the waves against the hull of the ship lulled me to sleep each evening. The cruise personnel was wonderfully attentive, and the entertainment on the ship — including two Broadway-type shows and an incredible singer saluting the late […]

Our International Feeding Program Fund

Ensuring children have enough to eat is vital to their growth

The purpose of our International Feeding Programs Fund is to feed children who would otherwise go hungry, so they can be alert at school and ready to learn. This important Children Incorporated fund supports children at our affiliated projects in the Philippines, Kenya, and Ethiopia. In some instances, our International Feeding Programs Fund provides meals for children during the school days. Other times, it is used to purchase grains, meats, vegetables, and cooking supplies for […]

Facts About Child Hunger and Poverty

What you should know about how child hunger affects children’s well-being

Hunger is a problem that most often affects low-income families, because living in poverty means that people are often going without basic needs such as food, clothing, and adequate shelter. In order for a child to have a chance at a bright future, they need to eat healthy meals every day. When they’re hungry, children are more likely to be hospitalized, and they face a higher risk of health conditions because they have weakened immune […]

Feeding Kids in Alto San Pedro

Cristo Rey Mission offers meals for neighborhood children throughout the week

Of the eight affiliated sites we work with in Sucre, Bolivia, just two are located outside of the city center. On our first day in Bolivia, our Director of International Programs, Luis Bourdet, and I visited the Santa Rosa School in Yolata, where Children Incorporated is supporting families from the surrounding farming community. On our fifth day in Sucre, we once again ventured away from the city to visit Cristo Rey Mission, our affiliated site […]

Donate to help children living in poverty

We Can Help Students Start the School Year Prepared

A Letter from our CEO and President, Ron Carter

Dear Friends, Each summer, as the time for a new school year approaches, businesses launch their latest “Back to School” sales pitches. They roll out the big promotions to encourage consumers to purchase everything from pencils and pens to backpacks, calculators, and laptop computers. Many states even have days when they suspend sales taxes to encourage greater spending on these school items. According to the National Retail Foundation, people in the United States spent an […]