Our Impact Report: May 2023

Thanks to you, we have provided children and families around the world with support

As a part of our ongoing Stories of Hope blog series, we want to share with you our May 2023 Impact Report as a way to say “thank you” to all our supporters who make our work possible. Beyond what you already provide to children through our sponsorship program, your donations to our Special Funds and Special Projects allow us to help families and communities as well, often in times of crisis. YOUR IMPACT AROUND THE […]

We Can Help Students Start the School Year Prepared

A Letter from our CEO and President, Ron Carter

Dear Friends, Each summer, as the time for a new school year approaches, businesses launch their latest “Back to School” sales pitches. They roll out the big promotions to encourage consumers to purchase everything from pencils and pens to backpacks, calculators, and laptop computers. Many states even have days when they suspend sales taxes to encourage greater spending on these school items. According to the National Retail Foundation, people in the United States spent an […]

A Center with a Dual Purpose

The Santo Nino Center in the Philippines serves children in many different ways

Since I had arrived in Tacloban to visit our affiliated sites in early January, I had heard so much from our volunteer coordinator, WimWim, about Typhoon Yolanda and how it had devastated the city ten years earlier. WimWim explained that although very tragic, the entire community and the government of Tacloban learned a valuable lesson in the aftermath about emergency preparedness and the importance of having a plan in place in case a storm of […]

Finding Bliss in Tacloban

The Visayans Center supports urban families living in poverty

After spending the morning with Ester and WimWim, our volunteer coordinators at the Volunteer for the Visayans, it was time to get ready for the monthly distribution of supplies to the children in our program at the first of three affiliated sites in the Philippines I would be visiting during my time in Tacloban. We didn’t spend long traveling to the first site — in fact, all we had to do is walk downstairs from […]

Understanding Child Poverty: Facts and Statistics

What you should know about child poverty and its impact on children

Poverty means more than a lack of income. It also means a lack of resources to ensure sustainable livelihoods, such as food, clothing, clean water and proper shelter. Poverty has many detrimental outcomes for children — hunger and malnutrition, ill-health, limited or a lack of access to education and other basic services. When children are raised in impoverished households, they often have to drop out of school to help their families or don’t attend school […]

Twenty Sponsored Children to Celebrate 20 Years

A Message from our President and CEO, Ron Carter

It is hard to believe that 2023 is the 20th anniversary of my time at Children Incorporated – ten of which I have been blessed to lead the organization as our CEO and President. During my time with this incredible organization, I have been very blessed to work with some absolutely inspiring people and to be afforded many wonderful opportunities for personal growth. Children Incorporated has changed a lot over these last twenty years, and […]