Honored to Be a Part of our Program

A letter from Katalina at Cardinal Elementary School in Virginia

A few months ago, I had the privilege of getting to meet our volunteer coordinator, Katalina, from Cardinal Elementary School in Richmond, Virginia. Katalina, like so many of our volunteer coordinators around the world, feels strongly about the value of our sponsorship program, mostly because she grew up in a family that had to work to make ends meet and didn’t always have access to basic needs. For her, helping kids at her school has […]

A School Garden Brings Joy for Students and Staff Alike

Our volunteer coordinator at G.H. Reid Elementary School in Virginia sends her thanks

Children Incorporated’s Hope In Action Fund supports our affiliated sites in a variety of ways, from emergency relief to construction projects and beyond. As one of our oldest and most valuable funds helping children and families living in poverty, it is amazing how this special fund touches lives in so many positive ways. Today, we hear from our volunteer coordinator, Sydney, at G.H. Reid Elementary School, about how our Hope In Action Fund allowed her […]

Feeling Seen and Cared For in Their Community

A Letter from Katalina at Cardinal Elementary School

Today we hear from Katalina, who writes to us from Richmond, Virginia, about how simple gifts are making a huge impact on children in our program. Understanding Cardinal Elementary School “The Children Incorporated program has been so incredibly helpful in assisting the children this year with their needs here at Cardinal Elementary School.” “Cardinal Elementary School is a Title I school, meaning that most of the children attending are from low-income families; as a result, […]

Alleviating Stress in Virginia

Our volunteer coordinator Kimberly writes about her first-year experience

We feel strongly that the most powerful way we can show you, our supporters, how you are having an impact on children is by sharing stories from our volunteer coordinators who are directly in contact with sponsored children throughout the year. Today we hear from Kimberly at Swansboro Elementary School in Richmond, Virginia, about how sponsorship helped a family through an incredibly difficult time of need and why she is so grateful for our sponsorship […]

A Special Thank You to Sharon

Our volunteer coordinator at Broad Rock Elementary School expresses her gratitude to a sponsor

All of our sponsors are incredibly important to us and the children they support, and we are delighted every time we receive a letter from one of our volunteer coordinators about how a sponsor went above and beyond to make a difference for children in need. Today, we hear from Rachel at Broad Rock Elementary School in Virginia, who wrote to one of our sponsors, Sharon, after she donated toys and educational games to the […]

A Letter from Lindsay

Our volunteer coordinator at Westover Hills Elementary writes about how sponsorship as helped her students

In today’s edition of On the Road, our volunteer coordinator, Lindsay, at Westover Hills Elementary School in Richmond, Virginia, shares her story of the impact that sponsorship has on the children at her school over the last year: Experiencing the impact “Dear Children Incorporated Staff and Sponsors, I have only been at Westover Hills (and with Communities in Schools) for two months, but I have already experienced the impact that Children Incorporated has on our […]