Who We Are

We are an international nonprofit organization that supports children living in poverty through two primary approaches: child sponsorship and special funds.

We partner with 250 affiliated sites in 20 countries around the world to provide impoverished children with basic needs so they can attend school, receive an education and have the opportunity to succeed.

Ways to Help a Child in Need

You can help a child living in poverty in one of three ways:


Child Sponsorship

For $30 a month, you can change the life of a child in need

Sponsorship provides an underprivileged child with basic and education-related necessities such as food, clothing, healthcare, school supplies and tuition payments. This vital support allows vulnerable children to develop to their full potential — physically, emotionally and socially.

Our policy is to consider the needs of each sponsored child on an individual basis. Our volunteer coordinators personally shop for the children enrolled in our program as they are familiar with each individual child’s circumstances and needs.


Special Funds

Donations help with immediate and unexpected needs

Donations to our special funds help children, families and communities in need by offering support beyond sponsorship.

Find out more about these  special funds and consider making a donation today!



Special Projects

Our Special Projects allow our donors to support construction projects, expansion projects, community and school gardens, and other efforts to help improve our afifliated sites around the world.

Special Projects

Our History

In 1964, after personally witnessing the deprivation of children in Guatemala, our founder, Jeanne Clarke Wood, established Children Incorporated out of her home in Richmond, Virginia by writing letters to seek assistance for the 95 children she met on her travels. The support her friends and family provided for these children formed the first Children Incorporated project.

Thanks to our supporters around the globe, we currently serve over 20,000 children annually. To date, over 300,000 children have been provided opportunities for growth and education, and have experienced the support and encouragement our program provides.

Ms. Wood pictured with sponsored children in Paraguay in the 1970s.

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