Feeding Programs Fund

Our Feeding Programs provide food for children who would otherwise go hungry so that they can be alert at school and ready to learn.

This important fund supports our affiliated sites in the United States and around the world so they can offer healthy meals to children daily and food items for them to take home on the weekends.



– Every year, 3.1 million children (8,500 children per day) die due to poor nutrition

– Today, nearly 13 million children in the United States live in homes that do not have enough food to feed all of the family members

– Approximately 28% of all children in developing countries are considered to be underweight, or have had their growth stunted as a result of malnutrition

$25 provides a child with food for one month

$50 provides food for two children for one month

$100 provides food for four children for one month

$350 provides one child with meals every day for a year

$1,000 provides food for forty children for one month


Providing meals for children helps them concentrate so they can focus on learning in school. Every year, Children Incorporated feeds thousands of children in need.

Consider making a life-changing donation to our Feeding Programs Fund today!