A Colorful Future Ahead of a Monotone Landscape

Our Assistant Director of U.S. Programs, Kristen Walthall, Visits the To’Hajiilee Community School

It is always a tremendous privilege to have the opportunity to meet the dedicated folks who make our programs possible at their schools. Our U.S. Division checks in with each of our affiliated sites in person about every other year, on average, so that we can stay up-to-date on goings on with our sponsorship program, as well as address and adapt to changing student and school needs. In our travels, we not only tour the […]

Scarcely Making Ends Meet in New Mexico

Caretakers of children at Mariano Lake Community School struggle financially

As she continues her visit to our affiliated sites in New Mexico, our Director of U.S. Programs, Renée Kube, visits the Mariano Lake Community School where she meets with Barbara, our volunteer coordinator. VISITING MARIANO LAKE “Mariano Lake Community School is located about 60 miles south-southwest of Lake Valley. Whereas the Lake Valley area is rocky and has become more arid, the Mariano Lake area has sandy soil and more vegetation. There are several types […]

Boarding at the Home of the Mighty Lakers

Renée Kube visits our affiliated site, Lake Valley Boarding School

Today we hear from our Director of U.S. Programs, Renée Kube, about her trip to New Mexico last fall, where she and our Assistant Director of U.S. Programs, Kristen Walthall, visited nine affiliated sites. Understanding Navajo Nation “The Navajo are the largest Native American tribe in the United States. The Navajo Nation also has the largest land mass of any tribe. The nation is located in the greater ‘Four Corners’ region of the United States, […]

A Life-Long Friendship

An interview with sponsor Shirleen Joe

When Shirleen Joe first contacted Children Incorporated this past summer, she mentioned to our sponsorship department that she herself was a sponsored child growing up. “I was a Native American child sponsored through my school back in 1972. I still have contact with my sponsor today. I’ve even considered her my stepmother, which she accepted, so now I call her “Mom.” I want to become a sponsor now to pay-it-forward,” wrote Shirleen. “I asked her […]

Supporting Affiliated Sites Across the United States

Thanks to our partnership with Altar’d State, multiple U.S. sites received support in 2021

Not too long ago, we reported on how our partner, Altar’d State, was able to help our international affiliated sites during the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to their generous contributions to our many special funds. Today, we have multiple updates to share with you about how Altar’d State also supported our U.S. sites — from Kentucky across the country to New Mexico. A letter from Renée  In response to the donations made to our affiliated sites […]

Comfort at Home and at School

Thanks to our sponsors, children in our program in New Mexico have help with resources on and off campus

About half the students at our affiliated project, the Dzilth Community School in New Mexico, board at the school during the week, as the distance from their homes in the remote areas of the Navajo Nation make a daily commute impossible. Although this seems like it would make their lives more difficult, it is actually a blessing for them — due to widespread, debilitating unemployment in the area surrounding the school, families struggle to afford […]