Our March 2024 Impact Report

A letter from Jessica at Piney Creek Elementary School

We love receiving letters from our volunteer coordinators because they offer such amazing insight into how our sponsors are helping children in need around the world. Today, we share a letter from Jessica at Piney Creek Elementary School about how she is able to help her students, all thanks to our supporters. Jessica’s Letter “The 2022-2023 school year has been a grateful return to normal after the uncertainties and changes presented by the global pandemic. […]

Our January 2024 Impact Report

A letter from Traci at Valle Crucis Elementary School

Without our sponsors, children living in poverty would go without so much — including food, clothing, hygiene items and crucial educational materials they require to do well in school. Today we hear from Traci at Valle Crucis Elementary School in North Carolina as she expresses her appreciation for our sponsors, who have a huge impact on children in need. Traci’s letter “Children Incorporated has helped children in our school in so many ways over the […]

September 2023 Impact Report

A letter from our volunteer coordinator at Gouge Elementary School

Each year, our volunteer coordinators write letters to our office to let us know their first-hand experiences with just how powerful sponsorship is for children at their schools. Today we hear from Monica at Gouge Elementary School in North Carolina about how our program has helped children this past year, all thanks to our caring sponsors. A letter from Monica “I can’t believe it is that time of year again. I have been thinking for […]

Extra Support for Children in North Carolina

A letter from Traci, our volunteer coordinator at Valle Crucis Elementary School

Letters from our volunteer coordinators around the world are one of our favorite ways to show the impact that our sponsors have on children in our program. Today, we hear from Traci about how our sponsors help children throughout the school year at Valle Crucis Elementary School in North Carolina. A warm thank you from Traci “This year, Children Incorporated helped our school give extra support to the special children who are a part of […]

Sending Thank-Yous From North Carolina

Our volunteer coordinator at Alleghany High School sends a message of gratitude

Twice a year, our volunteer coordinators in the United States send us reports about how our sponsorship program is working at their schools, which often times comes as poignant and emotional thank you letters directed to our sponsors for all they do. Today, we want to share with you a note from Anne Marie at Alleghany High School about how important our program is for her kids in the rural part of North Carolina where […]

Thanksgiving Meals for Kids and Their Families

Thanks to our donors, children received food to take home for the holidays

Thanksgiving is a special time of year for many families in the United States, but for those living in poverty, the expense of purchasing food for the holiday can be something they just can’t afford. Thankfully, for many of our sponsored children, we were able to provide funding from our Hope In Action Fund and our U.S. Feeding Program Fund to purchase meals to send home before Thanksgiving break. At the request of our volunteer […]