How Do I Sponsor a Child in Asia?

What you need to know about sponsoring a child in Asia with Children Incorporated

We work in India, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. We affiliate with twelve sites in India, three in Sri Lanka, and five in the Philippines. Your support of children in these countries helps to provide them with food, clothing, school supplies, and hygiene items. We also fund feeding programs, the construction of schools and dormitories, as well as help children through our Higher Education Fund; and we support unsponsored children through our Shared Hope Fund. […]

Sponsoring a Child in the Philippines

16 Important Questions to Answer

Here at Children Incorporated, we know that sponsoring a child in need is extraordinarily rewarding, so we want to provide you with a guide to walk you through the process. In order to make your decision as easy as possible, here you will find the answers to sixteen of the most common questions we receive about sponsoring a child in the Philippines. If you still have questions after reading the following, please feel to contact […]

Seeking Refuge from the Floods

The Cancumbang Center in Tacloban was built above the ground to help protect families when in need

I spent the last three days of my trip to the Philippines with our volunteer coordinators, WimWim and Ester, visiting our affiliated sites in Tacloban, all operated under the Volunteer for the Visayans organization, or VFV. After visiting the Visayans Center at Bliss and the Santo Nino Center in previous days, it was time to visit our final site, the Cancumbang Center, located in the Cancumbang neighborhood about an hour outside of the city center. […]

Bringing Clean Water to the Philippines

Our partner, Wine to Water, has a long history in the Philippines

In 2017, I brought water filters with me to visit our affiliated sites in India and Sri Lanka, thanks to our partnership with the nonprofit organization, Wine to Water. Wine to Water is based out of Boone, North Carolina, and works to provide clean water solutions to some of the more than 2 billion people globally who lack access to a safe water drinking source. The water filters, which I distributed to our volunteer coordinators […]

A Center with a Dual Purpose

The Santo Nino Center in the Philippines serves children in many different ways

Since I had arrived in Tacloban to visit our affiliated sites in early January, I had heard so much from our volunteer coordinator, WimWim, about Typhoon Yolanda and how it had devastated the city ten years earlier. WimWim explained that although very tragic, the entire community and the government of Tacloban learned a valuable lesson in the aftermath about emergency preparedness and the importance of having a plan in place in case a storm of […]

Finding Bliss in Tacloban

The Visayans Center supports urban families living in poverty

After spending the morning with Ester and WimWim, our volunteer coordinators at the Volunteer for the Visayans, it was time to get ready for the monthly distribution of supplies to the children in our program at the first of three affiliated sites in the Philippines I would be visiting during my time in Tacloban. We didn’t spend long traveling to the first site — in fact, all we had to do is walk downstairs from […]