Sponsoring Children Until Graduation

Students at Guarderia El Angel can now be sponsored until they finish high school

My trip to Bolivia had come to an end, but our Director of International Programs, Luis Bourdet, still had a few more affiliated sites to visit in Bolivia before he returned to our office in the U.S. Today, Luis recounts his visit to Guarderia El Angel, located in Santa Cruz, where our sponsors are supporting impoverished children from 1st to 12th grade. Luis’ Visit “El Angel is a day care facility that is located on […]

Expressing the Importance of Our Support in La Paz

In the community of Villa Armonia, our sponsors are helping immensely

After spending a little more than a week together visiting our affiliated sites in Sucre and Santa Cruz, it was time for me to depart and return home from Bolivia, as our Director of International Programs, Luis Bourdet, stayed to visit two more of our sites by himself — the Pedro Poveda School in La Paz and the the Lourdes School in Santa Ana del Yacuma. I had the pleasure of visiting Pedro Poveda in […]

Teaching Children in the Amazon

With no paved road access, the Lourdes School is especially difficult to reach

Helping children in remote areas of the world is one of the ways Children Incorporated ensures that we are reaching families that are in the most need, who otherwise might not have a lot of resources to help them when they are living in poverty. According to our Director of International Programs, Luis Bourdet, students at our affiliated site, the Lourdes School, in Bolivia, are by far located in the most remote area in which […]

Offering a Home for Abandoned Children in Bolivia

The Santa Clotilde Home in Sucre helps girls who have place to live

After almost a week in Sucre, our International Director of Programs, Luis Bourdet, and I were winding down our visits to our affiliated sites, with only two left before we would leave Bolivia. Up until then, all the sites we had visited were schools or afterschool centers, but now, we were visiting the one site we work with that is a group home for girls in need. Located in the city center of Sucre, the […]

Feeding Kids in Alto San Pedro

Cristo Rey Mission offers meals for neighborhood children throughout the week

Of the eight affiliated sites we work with in Sucre, Bolivia, just two are located outside of the city center. On our first day in Bolivia, our Director of International Programs, Luis Bourdet, and I visited the Santa Rosa School in Yolata, where Children Incorporated is supporting families from the surrounding farming community. On our fifth day in Sucre, we once again ventured away from the city to visit Cristo Rey Mission, our affiliated site […]

One Hundred Percent Satisfied in Bolivia

Parents of sponsored children at the Sagrada Corazon School love our sponsorship program

After a few days in Sucre, Bolivia, I was really starting to understand just how and why this city was so special. Since having the chance to visit a few of our affiliated sites, I could see why we would partner with so many schools in a small concentrated area — the focus on education for this community was high, but the need for support was also great, which is a perfect fit for Children […]