Getting Tablets into the Hands of Students

For children all over the world, access to computers at home is a huge issue

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, children in our program often lacked access to technology outside of the classroom. Whether living in a remote area on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya, in villages where the internet is not available, or living in poverty in Eastern Kentucky where power and water bills are prioritized over technology, impoverished children lag behind their fellow students when they can’t keep up with classwork at home. The recent pandemic exacerbated all […]

Filling a Gap in Guatemala

Our response to the COVID-19 crisis in Guatemala is helping families that haven’t received government assistance

When first publishing this story a few weeks ago, Guatemala had the lowest number of cases of COVID-19 of all Central American countries, yet there are still many challenges that families are facing. Today we hear from our Director of International Programs, Luis Bourdet, about the current situation in Guatemala and how Children Incorporated is responding. COVID-19 impact on Guatemala “Some of our affiliations in Guatemala are supporting the children regularly, but with many difficulties […]

55 Years of Helping Children in Need

Our CEO and President, Ron Carter, reflects on our work over the last six decades

In 1964, the average cost of a new home in the United States was $13,050. Postage stamps were 5 cents each, and a gallon of gasoline cost just 25 cents more than that. One could buy a loaf of bread for less than a quarter, and a ticket to see one of the latest theatrical blockbusters — Goldfinger or Mary Poppins — was $1.25. The Ford Motor Company introduced its iconic Mustang with a suggested […]

Hearing From Our Sponsored Children Abroad

Testimonials from sponsored children in our International Division

Our sponsors and donors often hear from our staff and coordinators about the work we are doing around the world through our On the Road Series. But not as frequently do you hear from our sponsored children directly — especially those that live outside of the United States. We want to share special stories with our supporters from the children in our sponsorship program around the world — and how their sponsors are making a huge […]

Supplying Families in Guatemala City with Food

At Casa Central, our volunteer coordinator sends bags of food home with children to ensure they don’t go hungry

After spending three days visiting our affiliated projects in Guatemala, Luis Bourdet, our Director of International Programs; Ron Carter, our President and Chief Executive Officer; and I arrived at the last project we would be visiting: Casa Central in Guatemala City. Founded in the mid-nineteenth century and run by the nuns of the Sisters of Charity, Casa Central has a long and honorable history of ministering to children living in poverty, offering them a place […]

Our Incredible Work in the Land of Eternal Spring

Our President and CEO, Ron Carter, reflects on his fondness for our affiliated projects in Guatemala

I first traveled to Guatemala in 2004. That trip was strictly for personal reasons, as I was going there to meet my Guatemalan-born daughter, who was in foster care at the time, as my family and I awaited final approval of our adoption. Even though I was quite focused on the task at hand, I couldn’t help but notice the many contrasts in the “Land of Eternal Spring.” Beautiful modern buildings stood side-by-side with tiny […]