Don't Sweat the Small Stuff Book Series

A Best-selling Author Challenges Her Readers to Help Children in Need

I am blessed. Let me just say that now, and get it out of the way. I am incredibly blessed in many more ways than I can even begin to count! I have a nice home, a dependable car, food, clothing, and more material possessions than I need. My family is stable, and my spouse and I are able to provide for our children in a manner that keeps them fed and safe and warm, […]

Music to a Child’s Ears

The Band that’s Saving Children in Guatemala City

In 1964, Jeanne Clarke Wood traveled to Guatemala and met 95 impoverished children, all struggling bravely through the harshest of circumstances. She founded Children Incorporated so that she could make an impact on those who needed the most help—poor, often abandoned or orphaned children in countries without government services to provide even basic necessities of life. The organization now supports eight separate programs in Guatemala, which Children Incorporated’s Director of International Programs, Luis Bourdet, visits […]

Professions with a Future

Training children with skills for after graduation

Children Incorporated’s Director of International Programs Luis Bourdet recently received a report from our affiliate Colegio Vida (Life School) at the Juan Apostol School in Villa Nueva, just outside of Guatemala City; with the help of contributions from our sponsors and donors, 103 high school graduates of the Juan Apostol School graduated in 2015 with Colegio Vida certifications that will help put them on the path to professions with a future. Cross-culturally, one of he greatest challenges to graduates is the practical application of academic knowledge. With its motto being “An Institution Created to Make a […]