Supplying Families in Guatemala City with Food

At Casa Central, our volunteer coordinator sends bags of food home with children to ensure they don’t go hungry

After spending three days visiting our affiliated projects in Guatemala, Luis Bourdet, our Director of International Programs; Ron Carter, our President and Chief Executive Officer; and I arrived at the last project we would be visiting: Casa Central in Guatemala City. Founded in the mid-nineteenth century and run by the nuns of the Sisters of Charity, Casa Central has a long and honorable history of ministering to children living in poverty, offering them a place […]

Our Incredible Work in the Land of Eternal Spring

Our President and CEO, Ron Carter, reflects on his fondness for our affiliated projects in Guatemala

I first traveled to Guatemala in 2004. That trip was strictly for personal reasons, as I was going there to meet my Guatemalan-born daughter, who was in foster care at the time, as my family and I awaited final approval of our adoption. Even though I was quite focused on the task at hand, I couldn’t help but notice the many contrasts in the “Land of Eternal Spring.” Beautiful modern buildings stood side-by-side with tiny […]

What Tourists in Guatemala Don’t See

On the outskirts of the vibrant town of Antigua, poor families struggle to survive

Historic Antigua is the former capital of Guatemala, and it is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. Situated in the Central Highlands region, the town is surrounded by three volcanoes. It is known for its many renovated — and some beautifully deteriorating — colonial relics and civic and community structures, such as museums and libraries. Antigua is a quaint scenic town that attracts tourists from all over the world, welcoming them to enjoy […]

Overcoming the Limitations of Poverty

A former sponsored child is now a teacher at the Tecpan School in Guatemala

In the city of Tecpan, located some sixty miles west of Guatemala City, the majority of the roughly 50,000 inhabitants claims direct descent from the Mayas. Despite their rich cultural heritage, however, indigenous people often find themselves marginalized, left to endure the brunt of poverty and its associated effects, which are common in Guatemala. On a recent visit to Guatemala with Ron Carter, our President and Chief Executive Officer, and Luis Bourdet, our Director of […]

The Importance of Home Visits

At Santa Isabel Ana Seton in Guatemala, our volunteer coordinators make it a priority to visit our sponsored children’s homes

In all of my visits to our affiliated projects around the world over the last few years, I have yet to meet a volunteer coordinator who does not visit the homes of our sponsored children. Our coordinators feel that home visits are important for many different reasons. Visiting the homes of children in our program helps to forge a strong partnership between parents and coordinators, because parents often feel more relaxed and comfortable at home, […]

Returning to Guatemala

Four years after his first trip there, our President and CEO, Ron Carter, revisits the Juan Apostol School

Guatemala is a country that is known for its beautiful lakes, volcanoes, Mayan ruins, and brightly-painted buses; unfortunately, however, its residents struggle with widespread poverty, illiteracy, crime, and high rates of unemployment and underemployment. Even though the country boasts the largest economy in Central America, Guatemala faces many social problems, and it is one of the poorest countries in Latin America. The income distribution is highly unequal, with more than half of its population living […]