The Importance of Home Visits

At Santa Isabel Ana Seton in Guatemala, our volunteer coordinators make it a priority to visit our sponsored children’s homes

In all of my visits to our affiliated projects around the world over the last few years, I have yet to meet a volunteer coordinator who does not visit the homes of our sponsored children. Our coordinators feel that home visits are important for many different reasons. Visiting the homes of children in our program helps to forge a strong partnership between parents and coordinators, because parents often feel more relaxed and comfortable at home, […]

Returning to Guatemala

Four years after his first trip there, our President and CEO, Ron Carter, revisits the Juan Apostol School

Guatemala is a country that is known for its beautiful lakes, volcanoes, Mayan ruins, and brightly-painted buses; unfortunately, however, its residents struggle with widespread poverty, illiteracy, crime, and high rates of unemployment and underemployment. Even though the country boasts the largest economy in Central America, Guatemala faces many social problems, and it is one of the poorest countries in Latin America. The income distribution is highly unequal, with more than half of its population living […]

Saying Thanks to Sponsors

Children in Tecpan, Guatemala and their mothers create handmade gifts to send to sponsors

Located just southeast of Mexico, Guatemala is the most populous country in Central America. Its spectacular mountains boast a wealth of natural resources and stunning biodiversity. For centuries, this land served as the core territory of the renowned Mayan civilization. Following two centuries of Spanish colonization, Guatemala gained its independence in the early nineteenth century, only to endure another 150 years of political instability and civil unrest. Additionally, this area is prone to devastating natural […]

A Passionate Humanitarian

Our founder, Mrs. Jeanne Clarke Wood, was intensely dedicated to her work

In 1964, Mrs. Jeanne Clarke Wood, our founder, visited Guatemala and discovered that in many poor communities, children had to work to help their impoverished families. “We found the need in Guatemala was even greater than we had thought,” Mrs. Wood wrote to a friend. “Children – even very small ones – roam the streets selling bits of candy or shoestrings, pencils or even lottery tickets, in a pitiful struggle to earn a living.” Upon […]

Many Reasons to Be Thankful

Our CEO, Ron Carter, reflects on what he is grateful for this Thanksgiving

Growing up in a fairly average middle-class American family, I never went without food or decent clothing, and I always received birthday and Christmas gifts. My parents weren’t particularly wealthy, yet they were able to pay the bills; we had a solid roof over our heads and sturdy shelter to protect us from the elements. I, like so many raised this way, took it for granted that everyone was provided for – that all children […]

A Thousand Shoes for a Thousand Kids

Our successful Shoe Fund campaign provided new shoes for children all over the world this year

As the end of the year approaches, I can say that the Children Incorporated staff as a whole is amazed by what we have accomplished thus far in 2017, thanks to our incredible sponsors and donors. When our President and CEO, Ron Carter, sent out a letter in December of 2016 asking our supporters to help us reach our goal of providing 1,000 pairs of new shoes to sponsored and unsponsored children at our projects […]