Help Save Children in Chile

Facts about child poverty in Chile and how Children Incorporated is helping

Truly a nation of contrasts, Chile spans over 2,000 miles of South America’s western coastline, with deserts in the north, rainforests in the south and the snowcapped peaks of the Andes Mountains ranging throughout. Although a politically progressive country when it comes to human rights, millions of Chileans live in abject poverty. There is a striking disparity between the rich and the poor here, which stems in part from the education system. A good education […]

Poverty and Education in Latin America

What you need to know about our work helping children and families

In Latin America, poverty often means lower levels of education, and therefore lower income for children once they reach adulthood. When children from impoverished households can’t go to school, they are often subject to crime and exploitation. Without our help, thousands of children in Latin America risk joining the job market at a young age to help their families, which can lead to dangerous situations.  FACTS ABOUT POVERTY AND EDUCATION IN LATIN AMERICA   – […]

Sponsoring a Child in Chile

16 Important Questions to Answer

Here at Children Incorporated, we know that sponsoring a child in need is extraordinarily rewarding, so we want to provide you with a guide to walk you through the process. In order to make your decision as easy as possible, here you will find the answers to sixteen of the most common questions we receive about sponsoring a child in Chile. If you still have questions after reading the following, please feel to contact us, […]

Impacted for a Lifetime

The mother of two formerly sponsored children in Chile fondly remembers her daughters' sponsors

In 1895, the Santiago Day School in Chile was founded as a school for girls who came from impoverished — and often neglectful and abusive — families. Today, this Children Incorporated affiliated project continues to serve both girls and boys and their families who reside in downtown Santiago — 30% of whom are living below the poverty line. Managed by the Catholic order of nuns the Daughters of Saint Joseph, the school’s caring staff, which […]

New Teachers with Fresh Ideas in Chile

At the Maipu Center, young, energetic administrators are changing education for children living in poverty

Our affiliated project, the Maipu Center, is located on the outskirts of Chile’s capital city, Santiago. Santiago lies nestled between the towering Andes Mountains to the east and a smaller, coastal range to the west. Nearly five million people — more than a third of the country’s population — reside here, many of which are underprivileged Chilean families. Concentrated in the city’s southern and northwestern regions, the slums of Santiago are home to impoverished children […]

Easing the Burden on Families in Santiago

The Handicapped Children's Center provides much-needed aid to children with disabilities

Spanning over 2,000 miles of South America’s western coastline, with deserts in the north, rainforests in the south, and the snowcapped peaks of the Andes Mountains ranging throughout, Chile is a stunning country. Children with disabilities receive support thanks to the Handicapped Children’s Center. Yet despite its natural beauty and reputation as politically progressive when it comes to human rights, Chile suffers from excessive inflation and an ever-increasing unemployment rate. Due […]