Mary Wilson’s Passion for Helping Children

Our President and Chief Executive Officer reflects on his time with Ms. Wilson

Children Incorporated mourns the loss of Ms. Mary Wilson, one of the founding members of the legendary Supremes. Ms. Wilson was a big believer in our work and was herself a sponsor and contributor. I had the honor and privilege of working with and getting to know her over the last few years, and I cannot speak highly enough about her. She was compassionate, kind, and real, and she cared deeply about making our world a better […]

Fresh Produce for New Orleans Students

The Phyllis Wheatley Community School has its own garden to provide fruits and vegetables for the school cafeteria

In New Orleans’ historic Tremé neighborhood, the Phyllis Wheatley Community School building was decimated during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. However, the spirit of the school and surrounding community has proven resilient. The new and improved Phyllis Wheatley Community School opened its doors to students in 2013 with a two-fold mission: first, to provide individualized support for each student’s academic and social and emotional learning; second, it strives to serve the surrounding low-income community, fostering the […]

A Unique School in New Orleans

Our volunteer coordinator at the Morris Jeff Community School says that parent involvement makes the school stand out

Revolutionizing the traditional public education paradigm, the Morris Jeff Community School emphasizes language and the arts — not just test scores — fostering its students’ development into well-rounded, productive members of society. Not only that, but according to Donneisha, our volunteer coordinator at the school, Morris Jeff is also special in that the parents of students who attend have a say in how inclusive and diverse the school is. The Morris Jeff Community School is […]

Recovering for a Second Time

Some children at the ReNEW Schaumburg Elementary School in New Orleans have lived through Hurricane Katrina and a tornado

Located twenty minutes from downtown New Orleans, the city’s eastern 9th Ward is a tight-knit community of over 65,000 residents. “The East,” as most locals call it, started off in the 1960s as a suburban-style area within the city limits. Beginning in the mid-1980s, this region began to decline into a state of poverty. The city’s public schools system, notorious for being one of the worst in the country, only perpetuated the problem into the next […]

A School Without a Library

Sponsorship steps in to provide not only basic needs, but also books, to children at the Encore Academy in New Orleans

The Encore Academy lies in the Milan neighborhood of New Orleans, a subdistrict of Central City in the Uptown region. The neighborhood dates back to the 1800s, and it grew to become the largest African American commercial district during the Jim Crow era. After desegregation, many African American families moved to other areas in the city, leaving many businesses and homes vacant. Currently, Central City has one of the highest murder and violent crime rates […]

Preparing Young People for College

Success Preparatory Academy in New Orleans focuses on college preparation in its curriculum

A vital port on the renowned Mississippi River, the city of New Orleans is steeped in culture and history. Even so, areas of this historic city have long struggled with poverty and its socioeconomic effects. The neighborhoods surrounding the Success Preparatory Academy are no exception. Located in a very old and run-down section of New Orleans, abandoned and boarded-up homes line the streets, most dating back to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in August of […]