Preparing Young People for College

Success Preparatory Academy in New Orleans focuses on college preparation in its curriculum

A vital port on the renowned Mississippi River, the city of New Orleans is steeped in culture and history. Even so, areas of this historic city have long struggled with poverty and its socioeconomic effects. The neighborhoods surrounding the Success Preparatory Academy are no exception. Located in a very old and run-down section of New Orleans, abandoned and boarded-up homes line the streets, most dating back to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in August of […]

Responding to a Natural Disaster

Children Incorporated affiliations in New Orleans were in response to Hurricane Katrina

In August of 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, with damaging winds reaching 127 miles per hour; but it was when the protective levees failed and were breached that billions of gallons of water poured into the city. New Orleans is shaped geographically like a bowl; the land closest to Lake Pontchartrain and the Mississippi River is higher, and the land in the middle of the city is much lower. Epic catastrophe occurred as a […]

Learning Outside the Classroom

A special student in New Orleans benefits greatly from educational games and activities

We know very well here at Children Incorporated that all kids are not the same. It is one of the primary reasons for which we encourage our volunteer coordinators at each of our affiliated projects to decide what each individual sponsored child’s needs are, because we know that they vary based on differing circumstances. In one instance, for example, one of our volunteer coordinators found that the particular need of a special girl in New […]

Opening a Window to the World

Sharing travel stories with sponsored kids teaches them about new places

It is amazing what our sponsors are willing to do for their sponsored children; and oftentimes, they don’t even realize just how great of an impact they have. Whether it is writing a letter about their family or home life, or sending a special gift for their sponsored kid’s birthday or for the holidays, they have a lasting effect that is powerful. One important way in which sponsors help kids to learn is by sharing […]