What You Need to Know About Sponsorship in the United States

We answer all your questions about sponsoring a child in the United States with Children Incorporated

In the United States, we work in Kentucky; West Virginia; Detroit, Michigan; Richmond, Virginia; North Carolina; Arizona; New Mexico; New Orleans, Louisiana; and Washington, D.C. to give children in need a chance at a brighter future. Your support of children in these places provides them with food, clothing, school supplies, and hygiene items. We also fund feeding programs, and support unsponsored children through our Shared Hope Fund. In addition, our Hope In Action Fund allows […]

The Realities of Urban Poverty

A look at our Inner City Division

In our experience, we at Children Incorporated have seen that urban poverty entails many of the same challenges that rural poverty does, including transportation barriers and shortages of affordable housing. There are some difficulties which are specific to families living in urban environments, however – problems that we are currently addressing in the following cities: Washington, D.C.; Richmond, Virginia; Detroit, Michigan; and New Orleans, Louisiana. These challenges include concentrated poverty and crime, inadequate public transportation, […]

The History of Our U.S. Programs

For more than fifty years, we have been helping children in need in the United States through sponsorship

We are very proud of our U.S. Programs, which support children not only in rural areas of the United States, but in urban areas as well. Just as all organizations do, we started out small, with only a few affiliated projects; and we gradually added more over time. When Children Incorporated began in 1964, our focus was on one country in particular: Guatemala. Soon, we started to offer assistance in the United States, too. By […]

We Welcome Legendary Singer Mary Wilson to Our Family of Sponsors

A founding member of the Supremes is sponsoring a child in her hometown

Mary Wilson is a founding member of the most famous female singing group in history, the Supremes; and for over fifty years, she has been entertaining audiences throughout the world. Ms. Wilson is also known for her charitable work, and in 2003, she was named a U.S. Cultural Ambassador by former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell. This year, Ms. Wilson became a sponsor with Children Incorporated, deciding to help a special little girl in her […]