High Rents in Jackson City

Many residents in Breathitt County, Kentucky pay more than half of their income in rent

Jackson City is located in rural and mountainous Breathitt County, Kentucky. Until the 1990s, coal was the foundation of the county’s economy, but the steady decline of the coal mining industry has begun to wreak havoc upon the local economy. Many families, who once depended upon the mines for income, now depend upon part-time employment at minimum wages, welfare, and food stamps. Poverty and unemployment have become intrinsic parts of daily life in Jackson City […]

Caring for a Generation of Students

Our long-time coordinator at Marie Roberts Elementary School in Kentucky has been helping kids for decades

Marie Roberts Elementary School is located in the small community of Lost Creek, Kentucky, in Breathitt County. In a part of the country where 48.3% of children are living in poverty, the Family Resource Center at the school, and our volunteer coordinator, Jackie, are able to offer children the critical support they need to survive in difficult circumstances. “Jackie is the original coordinator who brought our sponsorship program to the school many years ago. She […]

Fighting Against Hunger During COVID-19

A Thank you from Children Incorporated

 Amidst school closures across the U.S. this past spring, our concern turned to how to best help children who are already living in vulnerable situations.  Our volunteer coordinators are making sure children continue to receive food during the COVID-19 outbreak. Many children in our program rely on school lunches and on our Backpack Feeding Program to ensure they are receiving adequate meals throughout the day and on the weekends. Without the […]

Moms Helping in Our Schools

Mothers of our sponsored children gain work experience through the Family Resource Center

Located in rural and mountainous eastern Kentucky, Breathitt County is one of the 100 poorest counties in the United States.  The economic prospects of Breathitt County are, at best, bleak. The coal mining industry that once dominated this area and provided employment for the majority of its population has been declining. Today, there are few job opportunities for the area: three small factories, a community college, a grocery store, a department store, a small medical […]

The Heart of Small Community

Arlie Boggs Elementary/Middle School is important to an entire town

Located in rural and mountainous eastern Kentucky, Letcher County is best known for its natural beauty, as evidenced by small but growing efforts to promote the county as a tourist destination in recent years. One especially breathtaking site is the Bad Branch Falls State Nature Preserve in the town of Eolia. The park comprises over 2,600 acres of trails, waterfalls, and mountain vistas, boasting one of the highest concentrations of rare or endangered species in […]

A Stable and Loving Presence for Children in Need

Our long-term coordinator at Whitley County Elementary School offers children support they so desperately need

Nestled in the picturesque Appalachian Mountains and steeped in a rich cultural heritage, Whitley County was founded in 1818 a few miles south of the Cumberland River. Although an area of the United States known for its exceptional natural beauty, many Whitley County residents suffer from abject poverty. The last few years saw a decline in the coal industry. The result has been a lack of employment opportunities, and today, Whitley County is one of […]