Our First Affiliation in Puerto Rico

Iglesia Bautista de Metrópolis offers support to children in need

After many years of planning, our first affiliated site in Puerto Rico was established and is called Iglesia Bautista de Metrópolis. Iglesia Bautista de Metrópolis is located in Carolina, and the church was created from an older congregation called Bautista Cristo Restaura, which is located in Levittown. Our sponsorship program currently serves children who live in the areas surrounding both Iglesia Bautista de Metrópolis and Bautista Cristo Restaura, but is operated under just one name. […]

In Puerto Rico, the Need is Profound

A Letter from our CEO and President, Ron Carter

For a number of years, Children Incorporated longed to provide assistance to children and families in Puerto Rico, yet due to various situations and circumstances, our progress in getting started there was slow. Through a connection with a Richmond, Virginia-based church, we finally started providing aid to the island a few years after the ravages of Hurricane Maria. Initially, we helped replace furniture, bedding, clothing, and assorted other household items that were lost in the […]

Offering Support to our Neighbors in the Caribbean

Our President and CEO, Ron Carter, expands our efforts to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has had a special place in my heart ever since I first visited the island in 2018 to help rebuild homes after the devastation of Hurricane Maria. Since then, we at Children Incorporated have been working hard to establish our first affiliated site in Puerto Rico, partnering with Iglesia Bautista de Metrópolis to help support children and families for the long-term. This past April, I was able to return to Puerto Rico for […]

Sponsoring a Child in Puerto Rico

16 Important Questions to Answer

Here at Children Incorporated, we know that sponsoring a child in need is extraordinarily rewarding, so we want to provide you with a guide to walk you through the process. In order to make your decision as easy as possible, here you will find the answers to sixteen of the most common questions we receive about sponsoring a child in Puerto Rico. If you still have questions after reading the following, please feel to contact […]

Rebuilding a Devastated Island

After Hurricane Maria, Children Incorporated gets involved with helping our neighbors in Puerto Rico

Prior to the summer of 2017, Children Incorporated had yet not worked in Puerto Rico. Over the years our President and CEO Ron Carter has been asked by supporters of our organization if we were considering expanding our programs to include sponsorship in Puerto Rico. But because we didn’t have a partnering organization on the island to connect with, we weren’t able to. Then Hurricane Maria hit. Incredible damage done In September of 2017, Hurricane […]