Sponsoring a Child in the United States

16 Important Questions to Answer

Here at Children Incorporated, we know that sponsoring a child in need is extraordinarily rewarding, so we want to provide you with a guide to walk you through the process. In order to make your decision as easy as possible, here you will find the answers to sixteen of the most common questions we receive about sponsoring a child in the United States. If you still have questions after reading the following, please feel to […]

Child Poverty and Education

Facts about how child poverty effects children’s education and how Children Incorporated is helping

When children are living in poverty, they have fewer resources than children who come from more affluent households. Resources missing from impoverished homes include nutritious food, adequate clothes, and hygiene items — but also educational resources such as school supplies, computers,  books, homework activities and learning games — which help equip young children for success in school. Additionally, families that live in poverty also often have parents that work long hours at multiple jobs, leaving […]

Help Save Children in the United States

Facts about child poverty in the United States and how Children Incorporated is helping

Poverty means more than a lack of income for families. It also means a lack of resources to ensure sustainable livelihoods, such as food, clothing, clean water and proper shelter, and this has detrimental outcomes for children in the United States. Children living in poverty in the U.S. often suffer from hunger and malnutrition, ill-health, and limited or no access to education and other basic services. When children are raised in impoverished households, they often […]

Rebuilding a Devastated Island

After Hurricane Maria, Children Incorporated gets involved with helping our neighbors in Puerto Rico

Prior to the summer of 2017, Children Incorporated had yet not worked in Puerto Rico. Over the years our President and CEO Ron Carter has been asked by supporters of our organization if we were considering expanding our programs to include sponsorship in Puerto Rico. But because we didn’t have a partnering organization on the island to connect with, we weren’t able to. Then Hurricane Maria hit. Incredible damage done In September of 2017, Hurricane […]

From Sweet Dreams to Life Dreams

Our Hope In Action Fund provides beds and mattresses for families in Arizona

Recently, the Children Incorporated staff in North Chesterfield, Virginia welcomed some visitors from Page, Arizona. Our guests were Elouise Goatson and Evonne Yazzie, the Children Incorporated volunteer coordinators for the Page Unified School District, which includes Page High School, Page Middle School, Desert View Elementary School and Lake View Elementary School. They brought along with them a local parent representative, Stanley John. The home of some of our sponsored children in Arizona We were reminded in a very special way […]