Working Against Generational Poverty

At East Valley Elementary School in Eastern Kentucky, families face the difficulties of decades of impoverished living

Often called the Bluegrass County of the Mountains, Morgan County is situated amid Kentucky’s picturesque, mountainous Eastern Coal Fields region. The county itself was first settled by Scotch and Irish immigrants during the eighteenth century and derives its name from an homage to Revolutionary War hero General Daniel Morgan. Despite its natural beauty and rich history, Morgan County suffers the socioeconomic issues associated with the widespread, debilitating poverty, illiteracy, and unemployment so tragically typical of […]

Sweet Dreams for Kids in Kentucky

Thanks to a Build A Bed Program, children at Morgan County Middle School have a comfortable place to sleep

Our affiliated project, Morgan County Middle School, is located in West Liberty, Kentucky, and serves 464 students in 6th through 8th grade — many of whom come from low-income households. The school’s Family Resource Youth Services Center is run by Children Incorporated’s volunteer coordinator, Kim. “Kim runs a lot of important programs for our kids, and she can always use help with them. Her favorites are the 8th grade career mentoring program, the weekend feeding […]

A Host of Programs for Kids in Need

Our volunteer coordinator, Alicia, at Morgan County High School, makes sure children have activities to keep them busy and learning

Morgan County is located in the northeastern part of Kentucky amongst a terrain of rolling hillsides, with no true mountains. The Licking River, the main waterway in the county, runs through its eponymous valley, which houses the county seat, West Liberty. It is a truly beautiful county, although not an area of our country without its problems. Morgan County was never a very active coal mining area, although it was — and continues to be […]

Helping Parents Become Teachers

A letter from our volunteer coordinator at the Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf in Lebanon

We recently received a letter from our volunteer coordinator at the Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf (FAID) in Lebanon that we wanted to share with our sponsors and donors. Amidst all that has happened since 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are thankful to hear that there have been some good things to come out of the harder times for children in our program — and their families: Greetings from the FAID Family “Dear […]

Contributing to an Entire Community

A new agriculture program at the Montero School in Bolivia is helping children and adults alike

Throughout the year, our affiliated projects from around the world share special project proposals with us that will help improve the lives of not only the children that we support but their families as well. Thanks to our Hope In Action program, we are often able to support many of our projects so they can grow their programs and offer skills training and other important resources to impoverished communities in which we work. A proposal […]

Comfort at Home and at School

Thanks to our sponsors, children in our program in New Mexico have help with resources on and off campus

About half the students at our affiliated project, the Dzilth Community School in New Mexico, board at the school during the week, as the distance from their homes in the remote areas of the Navajo Nation make a daily commute impossible. Although this seems like it would make their lives more difficult, it is actually a blessing for them — due to widespread, debilitating unemployment in the area surrounding the school, families struggle to afford […]