Unified Schools and Unified Coordinators in Arizona

Our U.S. Program Specialist, Kristen Walthall, visits our affiliated sites in Page

With each affiliated site I am fortunate enough to visit, I am perpetually reminded of just how invaluable it is to meet with our impassioned volunteer coordinators face-to-face on a regular basis. Through meeting with them, I am humbled and emboldened by their contagious passion, gratitude for Children Incorporated support, and desire to always do more — even if that means longer hours that bleed into their personal time. In mid-October of last year, I […]

Hoping for a Return to Normalcy

Our long-time affiliate, the Red Rock Day School, has had its fair share of struggles

Navajo Nation was hit especially hard by the pandemic, and our affiliated schools in Arizona have still been slow in getting students to return to in-class learning, without other problems that arise throughout the school year. Today we hear from our Director of U.S. Programs, Renée Kube, as she visits Red Rock Day School, where she hears from our volunteer coordinator about some of the other problems the school has faced while recovering from COVID-19. […]

Bridging the Gap Between Home and School

At the Dennehotso Boarding School, parental participation is a major focus

Our volunteer coordinators are the backbone of our organization, and we couldn’t do our work without them. Today we hear from our Director of U.S. Programs, Renée Kube, as she visits with Lucy at Dennehotso Boarding School in Arizona, who works hard to ensure children in our program are getting everything they need all year long. Meeting with Lucy “Dennehotso is a small community about 27 miles northeast of Kayenta, Arizona. It is close to […]

Humbled by Our Volunteer Coordinators

At the Pinon School in Arizona, the trek to get resources is far

There is nothing like getting to meet with our volunteer coordinators and hear their stories directly about how they are helping children in their communities, thanks to our sponsors and donors. Today we hear from Renée Kube, our Director of U.S. Programs, as she meets with four special coordinators who run our sponsorship program at Pinon Community School in Arizona, who explain the lengths they are willing to go to to help kids in need. […]

Profoundly Changing Lives in Shonto

Our Hope In Action Fund has helped students in Arizona immensely

As our Director of U.S. Programs, Renée Kube, continues her visit to our affiliated sites in Arizona, we find out more about Shonto Preparatory School and how our Hope in Action Fund is helping children, often in dire circumstances, at the school. Home of the Bears “Shonto Preparatory School is located in the small community of Shonto. It’s about 64 miles southeast of Page, Arizona and about 51 miles northeast of Tuba City. Shonto Preparatory […]

Renowned For Its Athletics in Arizona

At the Kayenta Community School, sports help keep students engaged

As she continues with her first visits to our affiliated sites in Navajo Nation since the pandemic, our Director of U.S. Programs, Renée Kube, tells us about her trip to Kayenta Community School, where she met with our former volunteer coordinator, Lora, and a special student who took the time to show her and our U.S. Programs Specialist, Kris, around the school. Visiting Kayenta “Kayenta Community School is located in the town of Kayenta, which […]