A Thousand Shoes for a Thousand Kids

Our successful Shoe Fund campaign provided new shoes for children all over the world this year

As the end of the year approaches, I can say that the Children Incorporated staff as a whole is amazed by what we have accomplished thus far in 2017, thanks to our incredible sponsors and donors. When our President and CEO, Ron Carter, sent out a letter in December of 2016 asking our supporters to help us reach our goal of providing 1,000 pairs of new shoes to sponsored and unsponsored children at our projects […]

Letters from Abel

A Veterinarian Shares Her Sponsor Story

Let’s get right to it: We would be nowhere without your support.  Sponsors make it possible for Children Incorporated to help hundreds of thousands of children around the globe rise above poverty. Kids like Abel, the tenth grader Shelley and Luis visited last June in Ethiopia, depend on sponsors for supplies and flourish because they know someone out there cares about them. Abel is in the top five of his class! We contacted Abel’s longtime […]

Bearing fruit

Revisiting Kids Hope Ethiopia’s Gardening Program

When Luis Bourdet and I traveled to Africa earlier this summer, we found ourselves, as always, deeply impressed by the programs and centers we visited and the hard-working people who run them.   A five-acre compound that schools, houses, and nurtures the disadvantaged children of rural Ethiopia is supported by the child sponsorship organization Canadian Humanitarian. In the undeveloped area outside of Shashamane, life is both easier and tougher for Ethiopian children. While they don’t suffer from the […]

Country roads and city slums – leaving Ethiopia

We’ve been in Ethiopia for just a few days and we’re already packing up for our next stop in Nairobi, Kenya. As we prepare to hit the road, I am struck by the contrasts between urban and rural poverty. In a way, it’s not unlike America — the rural poor living in run-down trailers off dirt roads in Eastern Kentucky bear little resemblance to the urban poor in housing projects amid the gang-ridden slums of […]

Holding up a mirror to the hopeful children of rural Ethiopia

Most of us don’t remember the first time we ever saw ourselves. In the West, babies encounter mirrors, camera lenses and video cameras from birth. And the self-imagery just becomes part of our life, for the rest of our lives. But in rural Ethiopia, seeing yourself is a rare experience. Mirror images We discovered just how magical it is to see your own face when we entered the Kids Hope compound outside Shashamane, Ethiopia. We […]

A Rainbow in Addis Ababa

Helping Ethiopian Children Through Hunger, Disease, and Housing Shortages

  Many of us don’t know much about Ethiopia beyond their 1985 famine, highly publicized by Michael Jackson and his “We Are the World” campaign. But things have changed significantly here over the last 31 years. In response to that devastating famine, which killed an estimated million people, the Ethiopian government developed a program to relocate its citizens from the drought-ravaged north to the southern part of the country, where there were fewer people and […]