A Shining Light in the Culture Capital of Argentina

The Casa del Niño - Padre Kentenich Daycare Center in Buenos Aires has a bright future

Renowned for its wealth of culture, arts and beautiful European-style architecture, Buenos Aires draws thousands of tourists each year. However, there is a hidden side of the city that few tourists experience. Extremely high inflation, rising unemployment and an increasing poverty rate leave many parents struggling to feed their children.  As a result, impoverished families are forced to live in Buenos Aires’s slum neighborhoods, packed together in wooden shacks with tin roofs, separated by narrow […]

Understanding Argentina

What you might not know about one of South America’s most unique countries

The second-largest nation in Latin America, Argentina is truly a nation of contrasts. In geography alone, its borders envelop a full spectrum of topography including rugged, towering mountains, tropical lowlands, arid steppes and plateaus, and frigid tundra. Despite being a rather wealthy country, Argentina faces a poverty crisis caused in large part by inflation rates. Argentina is located mostly in the southern half of South America. The country is bordered by Chile to the West, Bolivia and Paraguay to […]

Sponsorship in South America

Everything you need to know about sponsoring a child in South America through Children Incorporated

We work in many countries in South America including Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, and Colombia. Through sponsorship, we help provide children with food, clothing, school supplies, and hygiene items. We also fund feeding programs and support unsponsored children through our Shared Hope Fund. In addition, we fund tutoring programs and the construction of schools, as well as skill training programs. Information about the countries where we work South America is full of beauty, […]

Join us On The Road!

Join us “On the Road” and See How Your Support is Making a Difference

Hi everyone! I’m Shelley Callahan, the development manager at Children Incorporated. By the time you read this, my colleague, international programs director Luis Bourdet and I will already be on a plane to Bolivia. But, don’t worry, it’s not too late to join us. You won’t even need a passport! Luis and I will be sending live updates as we travel from La Paz to Montero. You can follow along here or sign up for […]