Countless Thank-Yous From Families in Need

A letter from our volunteer coordinator at Alleghany High School in North Carolina

For many families of children in our program, holidays can be a time of stress instead of celebration because money for food or gifts just isn’t available to make Thanksgiving or Christmas special. Today we hear from our volunteer coordinator, Anne Marie, at Alleghany High School in North Carolina, about how our sponsors are helping to ensure that families have a reason to celebrate Thanksgiving together, all thanks to donations to our Feeding Programs Fund. […]

New and Improved Construction in Nairobi

Children Incorporated has supported renovations at the Dandora Center

We recently received a letter from our volunteer coordinator, James, at the Dandora Center in Nairobi, Kenya, who writes to us to express his gratitude for Hope In Action funds that have allowed him to improve and expand the school, which is all to the great benefit of the children we serve there. A letter from James “Dear Children Incorporated, Receive warm greetings from us all at the Dandora Center, and we hope that this […]

Our Fall 2023 Newsletter

Read Stories of Hope from Around the World

We are happy to share with you our Fall 2023 Newsletter, highlighting our work around the world thanks to you, our sponsors and donors, and your generosity and dedication to helping children in need. Enjoy! VISITING OUR AFFILIATED SITES IN BOLIVIA Children Incorporated supports hundreds of children in three different cities and at twelve affiliated sites in Bolivia — all of whom are greatly benefiting thanks to their sponsors. This past spring, our Director of International […]

Long-Term Housing Solutions in Bolivia

Upon returning to Bolivia after 7 years, our Director of Development reflects on our support

One of my very first site visits with Children Incorporated is something I will never forget. After a brief few days in La Paz, Bolivia, our Director of International Programs, Luis Bourdet, and I flew to Santa Cruz, in anticipation of meeting with our volunteer coordinator, Sister Pilar, at our affiliated site, Villa Emilia. When I initially met her back in 2016, Sister Pilar really stood out to me. A small, gregarious woman who has […]

Investing in Education and the Future in Kenya

Our volunteer coordinator from the St. John’s Community Center visits our Richmond office

This past July, we had a special surprise at our office in Richmond, Virginia when we received notice that our volunteer coordinator, Peter Njuguna, from the St. John’s Community Center in Nairobi, Kenya, would be visiting. Peter has been a long-time coordinator with Children Incorporated, running our sponsorship program that supports children living in poverty in the Pumwani area of Nairobi. Peter arrived at the office prepared with a presentation in which he discussed the […]

In Puerto Rico, the Need is Profound

A Letter from our CEO and President, Ron Carter

For a number of years, Children Incorporated longed to provide assistance to children and families in Puerto Rico, yet due to various situations and circumstances, our progress in getting started there was slow. Through a connection with a Richmond, Virginia-based church, we finally started providing aid to the island a few years after the ravages of Hurricane Maria. Initially, we helped replace furniture, bedding, clothing, and assorted other household items that were lost in the […]