The Ministering Angels of Casa Hogar Santa Ines

In Mexico City, a girl's home is helping children in need

Tucked away amongst the small, tree-lined cobblestone streets and Colonial-era houses of Coyoacan Delegation, lies the Casa Hogar Santa Ines Girls’ Home. It’s pretty here, with the home (and now museum) of celebrated Mexican artist Frida Kahlo nearby. We made it through the busy, but organized Mexico City morning traffic to the school’s huge wooden door, which opens for us as we arrive. It’s tough to drive through the streets in this neighborhood. The roads […]

Welcome to Mexico

Children Incorporated goes On the Road to Central America

En route to Mexico, I noticed that I felt differently than I had on our way to visit other Children Incorporated projects. The excitement I normally felt was there — it’s always exciting to meet the children and the people who take care of them — but there was something else, too. Unlike the other places we’d visited thus far, I’ve been to Mexico before. I spent several months in a city called Cuernavaca more […]