A Culture of Giving

Our Partner, Vonage, believes in the importance of being a good corporate citizen

Participating in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been increasingly important for corporations in the last few years. Realizing the value of managing their business in ways that take into consideration how they can have an overall positive effect on society not only helps the community at large but also boosts employee morale. For those corporations that choose to embrace CSR, such as our partner Vonage, donating to organizations such as Children Incorporated is considered a […]

Time to Depart

During his last project visits in South Korea, Luis Bordet reflects on his travels

After spending nearly a month visiting all seventeen of our affiliated projects in South Korea, our Director of International Programs, Luis Bourdet, visited the Yung Shil Ae Yuk Children’s Home and the Yong Jin Children’s Home as his last stops before returning to the United States. The Yung Shil Ae Yuk Children’s Home Located in Okcheon, the Yung Shil Ae Yuk Children’s Home serves 34 underprivileged and orphaned children. The home itself is made up […]

The High Cost of City Living

Big city locations mean higher costs of care for children’s homes in South Korea

No matter where you are in the world, it tends to be more expensive to live in big cities. Rent and housing costs in major cities are often higher than in rural areas. Products purchased in stores can be more costly as well in urban settings — including basic needs like food and clothing. Children Incorporated has two projects in and near one of South Korea’s largest cities, Daegu. With a population of around 2.5 […]

Taking Care of the Youth of Today

University students volunteer to help orphans at the Kang Nam Children’s Home

Making sure young people have positive influences around them is crucial to their development. This is especially true for children coming from difficult circumstances like the orphans and children from impoverished backgrounds living at the Kang Nam Children’s Home in South Korea. After a visit to the home, our International Director of Programs, Luis Bourdet, reported that the sixty children living at this Children Incorporated affiliated project meet with local university students every week. The […]

To Be Loved and Looked After

A nurturing home environment and sponsorship support help orphaned children in South Korea

We know well that sponsorship support is valuable to children living in poverty both physically and psychologically. That was especially apparent for our Director of International Programs, Luis Bourdet, while he was visiting the Sung Ae Children’s Home in South Korea. While at the home, which is located outside of Korea’s capital of Seoul, Luis found that the support children receive from their sponsors is utilized not only to provide clothing and shoes for them […]

Visiting Lebanon and South Korea

In the two diverse nations, Luis Bourdet finds that sponsorship support is more important than ever

After many years of not being able to visit Lebanon and South Korea, where we support hundreds of children through our sponsorship program, our International Programs Director, Luis Bourdet, was finally able to visit both countries at the end of last year. “In recent years, great turmoil and many political issues have created instability in countries neighboring Lebanon and South Korea. As a result, previous plans to visit the two countries have had to be […]