Attending the Freshman Academy

Incoming 9th graders at Greyhills Academy in Arizona receive special attention

Greyhills Academy High School, located in Tuba City, Arizona, has been affiliated with Children Incorporated since 2006. This unique school focuses on nurturing students who have the potential for higher levels of academic success but might struggle in other areas such as behavior or attendance — often due to the circumstances involving the impoverished households from which they come. Helping students on a path towards success To encourage students to want to do well in […]

Beds and Blankets for Sisters in Need

A thank you from Children Incorporated

During the difficult time of changes due to the COVID-19 virus, donations to our Beds and Linens Fund from our donors — just like you —were able to help two sisters in need before they weren’t able to return to school for some time. Our volunteer coordinator, Jackie, at one of our affiliated schools in Kentucky, became aware that these two young girls enrolled in our sponsorship program didn’t have beds at home. With funding […]

Faith and Joy for Students in Lima

Fe y Alegría schools in Peru serve thousands of children in impoverished neighborhoods

After spending two weeks visiting our affiliated projects in Colombia and Peru, our Director of International Programs, Luis Bourdet, and I were scheduled to visit with our last school before returning home — the Villa School outside of Lima, Peru. Located in the Villa El Salvador slum district in the outskirts of the capital, the Villa School is a “Fe y Alegría” school. Fe y Alegría schools are a federation of local organizations which offer […]

When Seasonal Work Isn’t Enough

When the tourist season is over in Arizona, parents are often out of work

The remote town of Dennehotso, where the Dennehotso Boarding School is located, is about 98 miles northeast of Tuba City, Arizona. A Children Incorporated affiliated project since 1984, the Dennehotso Boarding School is a community grant school that operates with a grant from the Bureau of Indian Education. By 2013, the school’s original structure was old and dilapidated beyond repair, and a new school was constructed on available grounds in front of the older buildings, […]

Our Shared Hope Fund

Assistance for unsponsored children is incredibly important to our program

We enroll new children in our program every day, and finding enough sponsors for all of them is one of our greatest challenges. The global need is so profound that some children wait months for a sponsor. Children Incorporated currently has about 2,000 children enrolled in our program who are still awaiting sponsorship. Helping them to get clothes, food, and school supplies gives them the assistance they need now until they are sponsored. A shared […]

Encouraging Students in Arizona to Read

Page High School administration needs literacy promotion for high school kids

The town of Page is located amid the stark mesas, wild terrain, and incredible desert beauty of north-central Arizona, only a few miles from the Utah border. One of the youngest communities in the United States, Page actually began in 1957 as a housing camp for workers building the Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River. Today, the majority of its residents are Navajo; the town lies just off the western fringes of the Reservation, […]