Sponsorship in Central America

Frequently asked questions about sponsoring a child in Central America

In Central America, we work in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala to give children in need a chance at a brighter future. Your support of children in these countries helps to provide them with food, clothing, school supplies, and hygiene items. In addition, Children Incorporated funds feeding programs, and we assist unsponsored children through our Shared Hope Fund. We also support skills training programs to increase chances for employment for children and […]

A Caring Home for Abused, Neglected, and Orphaned Children

At the Maria Reyna Home, students are offered support after graduation

Children living in poverty are enrolled in our sponsorship program for many different reasons directly related to their situations at home — or in some instances, their lack of a home. At the Maria Reyna Home in Honduras, girls from the local community who have been abandoned or are orphaned live full-time at the home, attend public and private schools, and thanks to their caring sponsors, are supported up until graduation from high school. But, […]

A Shelter for the Poor in Honduras

El Refugio Welfare Center is crucial for survival in El Progreso

In 1998, the deadliest storm in Central America’s recorded history caused nearly 12,000 deaths in Honduras and Nicaragua and devastated the small town of El Progreso. Because of the destruction, the local community created the El Refugio (which means “the shelter” in Spanish) Welfare Center to help children and families in need receive resources in the aftermath of the storm. Last year, our Director of International Programs, Luis Bourdet, visited El Refugio, and found that […]

Help Save Children in Honduras

Facts about child poverty in Honduras and how Children Incorporated is helping

Nestled in northern Central America, Honduras was once home to several Mesoamerican peoples — most notably the Maya. This ecologically diverse land — with its rainforests, cloud forests, savannas, mountain ranges, and barrier reef system off the northern coast — teems with life. Its wealth of natural resources is equally impressive, including a variety of minable minerals and agricultural exports such as coffee, tropical fruit, sugar cane, and lumber. Moreover, its growing textiles industry serves […]

New Updates for an Old Home

The Maria Reyna Home in Honduras is being repaired thanks to support from our donors

Beyond what we are able to do through our sponsorship program for children living in poverty, we are also able to help make improvements to the affiliated sites, thanks to our sponsors and donors. At Children Incorporated, we feel that it is just as valuable to support infrastructure projects, such as building repairs, as it is to help our children and their families — largely because without our affiliated sites, we wouldn’t have access to […]

Taking Care of Families in Honduras

Our COVID-19 Response Fund is providing crucial relief to our sponsored children

In Honduras, where lack of adequate funding has led to inadequacies within the healthcare system, COVID-19 is a massive threat. For those Hondurans living in poverty, who rely on earning money daily to provide for their families, they often can’t stay home to protect themselves. Thankfully, our COVID-19 Response Fund and our incredible sponsors offer support to sponsored children, which relieves their parents from some of the enormous burdens they feel as they struggle to […]