Help Save Children in Kenya

Facts about child poverty in Kenya and how Children Incorporated is helping

Located in the Great Lakes region of eastern Africa, Kenya is known for its fertile highlands, grassy savannahs, wildlife, and its namesake peak, Mt. Kenya. Its economy relies heavily upon agriculture and tourism. Kenya is also a cradle of civilization, rich in cultural heritage and diversity. The nation’s wealth of natural beauty, resources, and culture, however, belie the poverty in which most of its residents live. Tragically, destitution and weak government institutions permit frequent violations […]

Feeling Seen and Cared For In Their Community

A Letter from Katalina at Cardinal Elementary School

Today we hear from Katalina, who writes to us from Richmond, Virginia, about how simple gifts are making a huge impact on children in our program. Understanding Cardinal Elementary School “The Children Incorporated program has been so incredibly helpful in assisting the children this year with their needs here at Cardinal Elementary School.” “Cardinal Elementary School is a Title I school, meaning that most of the children attending are from low-income families; as a result, […]

A Life-Long Friendship

An interview with sponsor Shirleen Joe

When Shirleen Joe first contacted Children Incorporated this past summer, she mentioned to our sponsorship department that she herself was a sponsored child growing up. “I was a Native American child sponsored through my school back in 1972. I still have contact with my sponsor today. I’ve even considered her my stepmother, which she accepted, so now I call her “Mom.” I want to become a sponsor now to pay-it-forward,” wrote Shirleen. “I asked her […]

Our Impact Report: October 2022

Thanks to you, we have provided children and families around the world with support

As a part of our ongoing Stories of Hope blog series, we want to share with you our October 2022 Impact Report as a way to say “thank you” to all our supporters who make our work possible. Beyond what you already provide to children through our sponsorship program, your donations to our Special Funds and Special Projects allow us to have a help families and communities as well, often in times of crisis. YOUR IMPACT […]

Our Fall 2022 Newsletter

Stories of Hope from Around the World

We are happy to share with you our Fall 2022 Newsletter, highlighting our work around the world thanks to our sponsors and donors and their generosity and dedication in helping children in need. Enjoy!  Children Incorporated Responds to Major Flooding in Eastern Kentucky   Historic thunderstorms struck southeastern Kentucky in July, producing 16 inches of rainfall within a five-day period and triggering flash flooding throughout the region. Buildings, homes, and roads were damaged due to high […]

Alleviated Stress in Virginia

Our volunteer coordinator Kimberly writes about her first-year experience

We feel strongly that the most powerful way we can show you, our supporters, how you are having an impact on children in our program is by sharing stories from our volunteer coordinators who are directly in contact with sponsored children throughout the year. Today we hear from Kimberly at Swansboro Elementary School in Richmond, Virginia, about how sponsorship helped a family through an incredibly difficult time of need. A note from Kimberly “As a […]