Helping Children from a Hidden Community

The Msamaria Mwema Centre in Kenya offers support to kids and families that otherwise might be forgotten

Kenya is a country with a large population — estimated at 53 million — in which overcrowding of major cities has become a huge issue. Due to a lack of job opportunities in more rural areas of the country, Kenyans are migrating into cities where they hope for employment — but instead, find a lack of adequate housing and essential services like education and healthcare. For decades, Children Incorporated has offered support to children and […]

This Past Month, Your Support Has…

November 2020: Thank you to our sponsors and donors

Just in this past month, your support of children in our program has: – Provided funds to the Marillac School for the purchase of computers and kitchen equipment after recent flooding in El Salvador – Provided funds for the completion of housing in Nicaragua for families in need Families in Guatemala are receiving bags of food thanks to support from our sponsors and donors. –  Provided for the completion of an […]

At Children Incorporated, We Look Forward to How Much We Will Accomplish Together in 2021

A message from our President and Chief Executive Officer Ronald H. Carter

Dear Friends, We all know that 2020 has been an extremely difficult year. Natural disasters and protests, rioting, and unrest in the streets were rampant all around the world, and in the U.S., we endured an especially contentious election. On top of all that, there was a COVID-19 outbreak. We were all tested to our limits this year, and I have heard more than a few folks express their hope that 2021 will be quite […]

Connecting Kids with Resources They Need

Moten Elementary School in Washington, D.C. is part of a citywide initiative to support students who are living in poverty

Parents who are raising kids while living in poverty often don’t have much time to participate in their children’s lives like other parents might. Instead of driving them to piano practice or to the soccer field, parents who struggle to make ends meet are working long hours or multiple jobs — or trying to find resources in their free time to provide food and clothing for their families. “One-hundred-percent of students at our affiliated project, […]

Accelerating Reading for Children in Arizona

Computer software is helpful for teachers to encourage reading among students

*Note: This blog was written prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although much has changed regarding our sponsored children’s learning experience in the past months, our On the Road stories remain relevant in regards to our volunteer coordinator’s work and the impact of sponsorship on children in our program thanks to our sponsors. We are pleased to continue to share stories with you about our work. *** Administrators at the schools we partner with are the […]

No Place for Homeless Kids in D.C.

Our volunteer coordinator at John Hayden Johnson Middle School explains the struggles of impoverished families in our nation’s capital

It’s difficult to comprehend that children can continue to go to school when they don’t have a home — but for some students at John Hayden Johnson Middle School in Washington, D.C., they don’t have an option. We hear from Children Incorporated Director of U.S. Programs, Renée Kube, about how homeless children in our nation’s capital manage to stay in school and how administrators at Johnson Middle are supporting them. A newer affiliation “Johnson Middle […]