Praise from a New Coordinator

Anita at Johns Creek Elementary School writes to Children Incorporated about her first year working in the Family Resource Center

It is always nice to hear from our volunteer coordinators about the impact that our sponsors have on children in our program as they are the ones that see first-hand the power of sponsorship. “Without your help, I would not be able to help the students and their families in this program.” We recently received a letter from a new coordinator, Anita, from Johns Creek Elementary School about her first year working to support children […]

Home Deliveries in a Time of Need

Our volunteer coordinator in Paraguay is working hard to provide for children in our program

All over the world, our volunteer coordinators are taking on the massive responsibility of providing for children in our program outside of our affiliated projects — and for some, that means traveling quite a long distance to give aid to them and their families. Our volunteer coordinator, Sister Deo, at Hogar Medalla Milagrosa in Paraguay, recently drove over two hours to deliver food and clothing to some very needy families. Accompanied by a social worker, […]

Continuing to Feed and Educate Children in Ethiopia

Thanks to donations from Children Incorporated, our affiliated projects are able to provide for families during COVID-19

We hear from our volunteer coordinator, Bisrat, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, about how they are using funds from Children Incorporated to support children in our program during this time. Thank you to all of our sponsors and donors supporting children in our programs during the COVID-19 outbreak. “During this COVID-19 time, we are required by law to close down the after-school programs, and schools also are closed.” “However, we devised a remote tutoring and food […]

Heartfelt Gratitude from India

Our sponsored children share their thanks to their sponsors

Thanks to donations to our COVID-19 Response Fund, our affiliated projects in India are able to provide food and hygiene items to children to take home to their families. Like many countries around the world, COVID-19 infection cases have risen in India despite a strict lockdown that began in late March and was partially lifted at the end of May. Currently, India is the fourth worst-hit nation in the world behind the United States, Brazil, […]

A Health and Economic Crisis

Lebanon has been hit especially hard during the COVID-19 outbreak

With lockdown in place as of March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Lebanon saw itself quickly decline into economic collapse — further damaging the lives of residents who were already suffering from job loss and financial insecurity. Banks restricted citizens’ access to cash, and at the same time, the value of the Lebanese pound plummeted. We hear from our volunteer coordinator, Gladys, at the Father Andeweg Institute for the Deaf (FAID),  about how they […]

Removing Barriers in Eastern Kentucky

Our volunteer coordinator Sandy writes to say how much our Hope In Action Fund is helping kids and families

As we continue to provide support to our affiliated projects around the world amidst COVID-19, we are hearing from our volunteer coordinators about how valuable our support is at this time. Today we hear from Sandy at Bevins Elementary School in Kentucky about how donations from our donors are helping children in her community. “Removing barriers is what Children Incorporated does best.” “Dear Children Incorporated, The mission of the Family Resources and Youth Services Center […]