Thanksgiving is a special time of year for many families in the United States, but for those living in poverty, the expense of purchasing food for the holiday can be something they just can’t afford.

Thankfully, for many of our sponsored children, we were able to provide funding from our Hope In Action Fund and our U.S. Feeding Program Fund to purchase meals to send home before Thanksgiving break.

Thankfully, for many of our sponsored children, we were able to provide funding from our Hope In Action Fund and our U.S. Feeding Program Fund to purchase meals to send home before Thanksgiving break. At the request of our volunteer coordinator at John M. Stumbo Elementary School, kids in our program received Thanksgiving meals including turkeys –totaling nearly $1800 in special food items. At Sparta Elementary School in North Carolina, our volunteer coordinator, Mandy, wrote:

“All of our Children Incorporated sponsored students are receiving a Holiday Meal Bag before the weekend. Each bag includes a country ham, a 10-lb bag of dried pinto beans, biscuit mix, cobbler mix, jam or jelly, fresh fruit – and a little bit of candy.  We are scheduling pick-ups now, and our parents and guardians have repeatedly expressed their gratitude to their children’s sponsors. Best wishes for a blessed, safe, and very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at Children Incorporated from all of us at Sparta Elementary School!”

From all of us at Children Incorporated, thanks to all of our sponsors and donors who helped make Thanksgiving a special holiday for children in need this year!

Pictured is a sponsored child in New Mexico receiving a Thanksgiving food box, thanks to his sponsor. Our amazing coordinator made home deliveries, as this project is still on fully remote instruction.

About John M. Stumbo

Nestled in eastern Kentucky’s coalfields region, Floyd County has one of the state’s highest populations – but also the state’s highest unemployment rate. Though situated on the beautiful Cumberland Plateau, where coal mining used to thrive and where rich coal veins still exist, the war on coal has devastated the local economy, causing many jobs and families to leave the area. Those who remain here face limited job opportunities, rampant poverty, and the devastating effects of the region’s drug epidemic. The small, close-knit community of Grethel is no exception to this grievous reality. In fact, it is estimated that a staggering 90% of area students have lost at least one family member to addiction.

For this reason, John M. Stumbo Elementary School serves as a safe haven where students not only receive a well-rounded education, but also encouragement from caring staff and the only warm, nutritious meals they may receive each day.

About Sparta Elementary

Just south of the Virginia-North Carolina state border, Alleghany County is nestled amid idyllic mountains, only a few miles from the only roadway to be designated part of a U.S. national park –  the Blue Ridge Parkway. Thousands of tourists pass through Alleghany County each year to glimpse its spectacular vistas. Despite Alleghany County’s natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, the vast majority of its residents live well below the federal poverty line. Many local industries have closed in the past decade, and with a general lack of new employment opportunities, unemployment is escalating in Alleghany County.

This overwhelming poverty has debilitating effects on children of the region, affecting their self-esteem, health, and overall wellbeing. For this reason, Sparta Elementary School serves as a beacon of hope to its surrounding community. Students know Sparta Elementary as a place where they can count on receiving a hot meal, as well as respect, care, and a quality education — the key to breaking the cycle of poverty.


How do I sponsor a child in the United States?  

You can sponsor a child in the United States in one of three ways: call our office at 1-800-538-5381 and speak with one of our staff members; email us at; or go online to our sponsorship portal, create an account, and search for a child in the United States that is available for sponsorship.