Stories written by Shelley Callahan

Loving Their Time at Grace Aaron

In India, sponsored children enjoy the center they attend

As he continues visiting our affiliated sites in India, Luis Bourdet visits the Grace Aaron Childcare Center, where students are very happy to be present. “The town of Burgampahad, in the southeastern Indian state of Telangana, is where the Grace Aaron Childcare Center is located,” explained Luis Bourdet. “Within this rice-producing region, which is susceptible to crop-destroying flooding and droughts, thousands of field laborers earn very low wages. Due to widespread poverty, only some parents […]

A Distinct and Unique Education in Bangalore

Luis Boudret concludes his site visits in India at the Parikrma School

We arrived in Bangalore, a city full of trees and gardens, and perhaps the city with the most order when driving (I did not mention that driving in India is truly chaotic and challenging. Most people walk on the streets, thousands of bikes and mopeds move without any order, and even animals are common in most boulevards and streets within the city limits). The Parikrma Foundation operates in this city. They have four schools (k-12) […]

An Excellent Reputation in India

The Auxilium School is known for providing wondering support for impoverished children

Upon leaving Dornakal, it took us about 4-5 hours of driving to reach the city of Guntur. The large state of Andhra Pradesh was bifurcated into two new states: Telangana State and Andhra Pradesh, and the largest city in the original state was Hyderabad. Traditionally, Andhra Pradesh area was more the coastal area, so the state of Andhra Pradesh was assigned to the area of the original state near the coast, and the central area, […]

Supporting Rural Education in India

The St. Mary’s Home for Girls helps children who come from areas with no schools

The last home to visit was The St. Mary’s Home for Girls. This facility is also located in a large city about one hour away from Dornakal, and it is where our hotel was. It was formerly a home for Polio Rehabilitation, but now has been converted into a hostel for children who want to have an education but live in rural areas where schools may not be available. The compound is large, and the […]

Very Proud of Their Home

Students who dorm at the Dornakal Girls Hostel in India are happy to be in attendance

The next day in the morning we were scheduled to visit the Dornakal Girls Hostel. This is located within the Dornakal Diocese compound in Dornakal. To counter the two boy’s hostels we have visited earlier, there is this one hostel for girls only here in Dornakal to balance the provision of support to the children. This is perhaps the largest facility that Children Incorporated supports within the Dornakal Diocese compound. The hostel has three buildings […]

One of the Best Facilities for Children in Need

Luis Bourdet visits the Kothagudem Hostel in India

Next was Kothagudem Hostel, which is located in one of the largest cities within the Dornakal Diocese area of work. The CSI compound here is large and contains a girl’s hostel supported by Children Incorporated, another hostel for boys supported by another organization, a large church, a school, and other facilities within the largest compound area, perhaps as big as where the Diocese office is located. We were told that the church is the largest […]