Stories written by Shelley Callahan

Spotlight on Sponsorship

We want to highlight some special children in our program - and ask for your help

Our sponsors and donors know just as well as we do how powerful sponsorship is, and how life-changing it is for children in need.  Through our blog series, Stories of Hope, we share the many different ways in which we help children all around the world all thanks to you. Your donations have allowed us to continue to offer vital resources to more and more children each and every year.  No matter how we grow […]

A School Garden Brings Joy for Students and Staff Alike

Our volunteer coordinator at G.H. Reid Elementary School in Virginia sends her thanks

Children Incorporated’s Hope In Action Fund supports our affiliated sites in a variety of ways, from emergency relief to construction projects and beyond. As one of our oldest and most valuable funds helping children and families living in poverty, it is amazing how this special fund touches lives in so many positive ways. Today, we hear from our volunteer coordinator, Sydney, at G.H. Reid Elementary School, about how our Hope In Action Fund allowed her […]

Our Impact Report: November 2022

Thanks to you, we have provided children and families around the world with support

As a part of our ongoing Stories of Hope blog series, we want to share with you our monthly Impact Report as a way to say “thank you” to all our supporters who make our work possible. Beyond what you already provide to children through our sponsorship program, your donations to our Special Funds and Special Projects help families and communities as well, often in times of crisis. YOUR IMPACT AROUND THE WORLD In just […]

Feeling Seen and Cared For in Their Community

A Letter from Katalina at Cardinal Elementary School

Today we hear from Katalina, who writes to us from Richmond, Virginia, about how simple gifts are making a huge impact on children in our program. Understanding Cardinal Elementary School “The Children Incorporated program has been so incredibly helpful in assisting the children this year with their needs here at Cardinal Elementary School.” “Cardinal Elementary School is a Title I school, meaning that most of the children attending are from low-income families; as a result, […]

Getting to Know Steve Mitchell

An interview with Children Incorporated's Sponsorship Director

As a sponsor or donor with Children Incorporated, it is likely that at some time you have communicated with our Sponsorship Director, Steve Mitchell, whether by email, on the phone, or even by mail. Steve is an incredibly dedicated member of the Children Incorporated family, who plays a crucial role in making sure our sponsors feel a personal connection to our organization and the children they support. I spoke with Steve recently to ask him […]

Introducing our Clothing and Shoes Fund

This new special fund is a combination of two crucial funds

For nearly 60 years, Children Incorporated has provided basic essentials to children living in poverty, including much-needed clothes, shoes, and other clothing items that help ensure they can go to school properly dressed and prepared for the day. It is incredible how often we hear from our volunteer coordinators about how a new outfit or a new pair of shoes or a new winter coat drastically changed the life of a child in their school […]