Efrain and his family in their doorway

Hope for Generation Z

Meet the children at Pedro Poveda, then and now

As we continue our tour of La Paz, we met Efrain, an energetic fourth-grader who lives near the Pedro Poveda School. Like any child, Efrain is proud of what he owns and likes to show his belongings to visitors. He shares an infectious smile with us as he holds up a prized pair of shoes Josefina has brought him. He’s equally excited to show us the kittens he’s raising. They sleep in their own little […]

Touchdown in La Paz

Sights and scenes from Bolivia's City in the Sky

Our Director of International Programs, Luis Bourdet, and I flew into La Paz just before sunrise, after an overnight trip from Richmond. I was woozy from fatigue or the elevation — 13,000 feet above sea level — and grateful when a young woman woke up at 4 am to check us into our hotel. A City in the Mountains I woke up as the sun rose, and got my first view of an amazing vertical […]

An Accomplished Artist

Former sponsor child Roberto Andrade visits with Children Incorporated staff

Children Incorporated staff members flip through Roberto’s art portfolio – a stunning collection of photo-realistic, surrealistic, and abstract works – in awe, while the artist himself looks on with humble delight. Simple child-art drawings – his earliest masterpieces – occupy the first few pages. Art wasn’t always a part of my life,” Roberto confesses in soft-spoken Spanish as he stands in the small office in Richmond, Virginia. He’s miles away from home, and yet among […]