A Host of Programs for Kids in Need

Our volunteer coordinator, Alicia, at Morgan County High School, makes sure children have activities to keep them busy and learning

Morgan County is located in the northeastern part of Kentucky amongst a terrain of rolling hillsides, with no true mountains. The Licking River, the main waterway in the county, runs through its eponymous valley, which houses the county seat, West Liberty. It is a truly beautiful county, although not an area of our country without its problems. Morgan County was never a very active coal mining area, although it was — and continues to be […]

Never Forgetting Where She Came From

An interview with sponsor Norah Quinn McCormick

When Norah Quinn McCormick reached out to us in the New Year about sponsoring a child, she told us a heartfelt story about how her grandmother first got involved with our work many years ago, largely due to the fact that she grew up in Appalachia and “never forgot where she came from,” and why now Norah wants to carry on the legacy of helping children in need. To hear more about Norah’s story, we […]

Appreciating the Sweetness in Life

An interview with sponsor Kathy Niles

After hearing story after story from her friend Hilary about child sponsorship through Children Incorporated, Kathy Niles decided she wanted to sponsor a child of her own. Little did she know that sponsorship would lead to unforgettable travels with her friend, getting to know several children – and an even deeper understanding of and appreciation for Native American culture. We caught up with Kathy to find out about her experiences as a child sponsor, and […]