Recently, the Children Incorporated staff welcomed some visitors from Page, Arizona. Our guests were
Elouise Goatson and Evonne Yazzie, the Children Incorporated volunteer coordinators for the Page Unified School District, which includes Page High School, Page Middle School, Desert View Elementary School, and Lake View Elementary School; and they brought along with them a local parent representative, Stanley John.

We at the Children Incorporated headquarters in North Chesterfield, Virginia, just outside of Richmond, were reminded in a very special way oblog1f the incredible importance of our sponsors and donors, and what their contributions mean to underprivileged children and families. We were humbled to hear the heartwarming story that Elouise so graciously shared with us that day, tears welling up in her eyes:

Not long ago, Elouise was contacted by a desperate mother of three who was struggling to provide for her kids what is often taken for granted: restful sleep. This family of five was sharing one bed in their tiny and dilapidated home, and that bed had become infested with bed bugs; a new mattress was needed. Eloise contacted Children Incorporated, and our Hope In Action Fund provided new beds and mattresses to all three kids.

Due to the urgency of the situation, the merchants at the mattress store provided Elouise and this mother with a huge discount, and Page school employees chipped in to purchase new comforters, blankets, and sheets for each bed. Elousie and her husband purchased new pillows for the family, and they delivered the mattresses to the home themse

There are so many children living in poverty, and it is difficult to begin to imagine all the hardships that they face as a result; sometimes, something as simple yet necessary as restful sleep can get overlooked. This is where Children Incorporated’s additional funds come in. The generosity of donors to our Hope In Action program has fulfilled such essential yet often forgotten needs as comfort.

The three kids are sleeping more soundly now than they have in years; they have more energy, and they are better able to concentrate in school. All of this is thanks to you; gifts made to our Hope In Action Fund have changed the lives of countless numbers of children, and have given them hope for a brighter future.

Thank you, sponsors and donors, for making stories like this one a reality; for helping us to remember that it only takes one – one gift, one helping hand – to respond to a request for help. Your contributions called a community to action; what so many of us take for granted – restful sleep – is no longer a worry for these three kids who have the world at their fingertips… and now, sweet dreams, too.


You can sponsor a child in Arizona in one of two ways – call our office and speak with one of our sponsorship specialists at 1-800-538-5381, or email us at