Stories written by Kristen Walthall

A Colorful Future Ahead of a Monotone Landscape

Our Assistant Director of U.S. Programs, Kristen Walthall, Visits the To’Hajiilee Community School

It is always a tremendous privilege to have the opportunity to meet the dedicated folks who make our programs possible at their schools. Our U.S. Division checks in with each of our affiliated sites in person about every other year, on average, so that we can stay up-to-date on goings on with our sponsorship program, as well as address and adapt to changing student and school needs. In our travels, we not only tour the […]

Unified Schools and Unified Coordinators in Arizona

Our U.S. Program Specialist, Kristen Walthall, visits our affiliated sites in Page

With each affiliated site I am fortunate enough to visit, I am perpetually reminded of just how invaluable it is to meet with our impassioned volunteer coordinators face-to-face on a regular basis. Through meeting with them, I am humbled and emboldened by their contagious passion, gratitude for Children Incorporated support, and desire to always do more — even if that means longer hours that bleed into their personal time. In mid-October of last year, I […]

Our Special Funds at Work in Eastern Kentucky

At Betsy Lane High School, multiple Children Incorporated funds are supporting children in need

As our Floyd County, Kentucky virtual visit series comes to a close, our Director of U.S. Programs, Renée Kube, tells us about our newest affiliated site in the area, Betsy Lane High School, and how valuable so many of our programs are to its Family Resource Center coordinator, Anita. “Betsy Lane High School officially began partnering with Children Incorporated in October 2020, with a few kids transferring in from other affiliated schools. Our Volunteer Coordinator, […]

Squeezed to The Breaking Point in Eastern Kentucky

Our sponsors and donors offered life-changing support for parents to students at John Stumbo Elementary School

As a part of our “Virtual Tour” of our Floyd County, Kentucky affiliated sites, our Director of U.S. Programs, Renée Kube, tells us about her “visit” to John Stumbo Elementary School. “This is a small school in the community of Grethel, which is in a very rural area about 20 miles south-southeast of the county seat, Prestonsburg. The community is on Kentucky Route 979, and besides the school, there is a small post office and […]

Clean Up and Recovery in Eastern Kentucky

Our Director of U.S. Programs receives updates about disaster response efforts

As we begin to receive updates from our affiliated sites in Eastern Kentucky, we want to share with our sponsors and donors how clean up and recovery efforts are coming along in areas in which our sponsored children and their families have been greatly impacted. At Letcher County and Jenkins Independent Schools, the opening for the new school year, which had originally been scheduled for the week of August 8th, has been postponed indefinitely because of […]

Well Rested and Ready to Learn

Our Beds and Linens Fund ensures children have a place to get cozy at night

Our Director of U.S. Programs, Renée Kube, has two more stops on her virtual tour of Floyd County, Kentucky, which she conducted this past spring. Today, Renée met with Sharon at May Valley Elementary School to hear about how our sponsors are supporting students in this small community. Meeting with Sharon “May Valley is located in the community of Martin, right off of Kentucky Route 80. It is a busier and more bustling community than […]