Corporate social responsibility, commonly referred to as CSR, is a business model that helps companies, both big and small, be socially accountable to themselves, its stakeholders, and the public. It is a practical and socially conscious way for companies to give back to society.

Corporate social responsibility initiatives that support children in need are an important part of giving back to your community and the world.

There are typically four types of CSR:

–    environmental sustainability initiatives

–    direct philanthropic giving

–    ethical business practices

–    economic responsibility

Pyramid of corporate social responsibility

The modern definition of CSR is derived from the book, “Pyramid of Corporate Responsibility,” by Archie Carroll, a well-known business professor at the University of Georgia.

In his book, Carroll states that, within this pyramid, a corporation has four types of responsibilities. The first is the economic responsibility to be profitable. The second is the legal responsibility to obey the law. The third is the ethical responsibility to do what is right, even when not legally required, and the fourth is the philanthropic responsibility to give back to society for social, educational, recreational and/or cultural purposes.

Common examples of CSR

  • Reducing carbon footprints
  • Improving labor policies
  • Participating in Fairtrade
  • Charitable giving
  • Volunteering in the community
  • Implementing corporate policies that benefit the environment
  • Engaging in socially and environmentally conscious investments


What are some benefits of CSR? CSR is not only beneficial for society; it’s also beneficial for corporations and their employees as well.

A few benefits of CSR include:

  • better brand recognition
  • positive business reputation
  • increased sales and customer loyalty
  • greater ability to attract talent and retain staff
  • increased creativity within the workplace

Corporate social responsibility initiatives that support children in need are an important part of giving back to your community and the world.

By partnering with us as a corporate sponsor, you help meet the needs of the children we serve so that they may grow, learn and have the opportunities in life that they deserve. Additionally, our organization can promote the partnership to increase your company’s brand recognition.

Most often, companies choose to sponsor a whole project rather than individual children. This approach allows a company to have a significant impact on the lives of many children and even on whole communities. We aim to work with you as a team to bring basic needs assistance and programs that teach self-sustainability to children and communities in need.

Corporate social responsibility examples that support children

Our work supports children around the world. Over the past years, corporate partners have allowed us to:


–    Support five feeding programs serving over 300 children in the Philippines, Kenya and Ethiopia

–    Fund the construction of housing in Honduras

–    Purchase 600 pairs of shoes for children in Latin America

–    Provide 1800 mosquito nets for children in Kenya

–    Build a roof over a school playground to protect children from harsh weather in El Salvador

–    Implement a food preparation skills training program in Bolivia and a dressmaking program in Guatemala

–    Construct a classroom equipped with audio-video equipment in Argentina

–    Improve the infrastructure of a girls’ home in India including upgrades to the kitchen, halls, dorms, bathrooms and the roof

United States:

–     Provide backpacks full of food for children to take home on the weekends in New Mexico, Arizona and Kentucky

–    Assist with beds for children in need in our Appalachian and Urban Division

–    Purchase equipment for a STEAM Lab in Eastern Kentucky

–    Send children to a district-wide summer arts camp in Kentucky

–    Purchase iPads for children in Kentucky

–    Provide audiobooks and matching paperbacks for students in Arizona

If your company is interested in partnering with Children Incorporated to begin or expand your engagement in CSR, contact us today. Together, we can change the lives of children living in poverty and give them education, hope and opportunity.

Call our office at 1-800-538-5381 to speak with one of our staff members or email us at