Help Save Children in Paraguay

Facts about child poverty in Paraguay and how Children Incorporated is helping

Nestled in the heart of South America, Paraguay comprises an area roughly the size of California, and is characterized by semiarid grasslands, forested highlands, marshlands, and rivers. Paraguay boasts a well-preserved indigenous identity and heritage, but a wide range of ethnicities call this small, landlocked nation home, including immigrants from Australia, Germany, Russia, Italy, France, and Spain. When you sponsor children in need in Paraguay, you provide them with the resources […]

Home Deliveries in a Time of Need

Our volunteer coordinator in Paraguay is working hard to provide for children in our program

All over the world, our volunteer coordinators are taking on the massive responsibility of providing for children in our program outside of our affiliated projects — and for some, that means traveling quite a long distance to give aid to them and their families at their homes. Our volunteer coordinator, Sister Deo, at Hogar Medalla Milagrosa in Paraguay, recently drove over two hours to deliver food and clothing to some very needy families. Accompanied by […]

Thanks to You, Sponsored Children in Paraguay Have New Clothes and Shoes

Girls from Hogar Medalla Milagrosa are thankful for the support from their sponsors

For many children living in poverty, having a sponsor is their only means of receiving basic necessities such as food, clothing and educational assistance. Some may never receive brand new items such as blankets and shoes without the support of a caring sponsor. Thanks to you, children, such as the girls from Hogar Medalla Milagrosa in Paraguay, and others around the world, are being provided for in ways in which their parents are cannot. We […]

A Thank-You to Our Supporters

A message of gratitude from our President and CEO Ronald H. Carter

I will never forget the first time I visited the offices of Children Incorporated. It was on a Monday in February of 2003, a day that became one of the most significant in my life. That was the day that I was hired as Assistant Director to the U.S. Programs Division of Children Incorporated. I had worked for another, much larger child sponsorship organization for nearly twelve years, and I was happy there. I had […]

Food for Children in Paraguay

A bag of food a month helps families in the heart of South America immensely

Providing food to children in need as part of our work goes beyond just ensuring that kids have meals while they are at school. Oftentimes, children both in the United States and abroad also need food to take home so that they and their families don’t go hungry on nights and weekends. So every month, the volunteer coordinators at our affiliated projects in Paraguay, the Hogar Medalla Milagrosa and the Asuncion School, give our sponsored […]