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Embracing All the Possibilities Ahead

A Christmas message from our CEO and President Ronald Carter

Each year — usually sometime in early September — I start listening to Christmas music. Friends and family members scold me and make fun of me for it. They say it is way too early. As I walk into the Children Incorporated office many mornings singing the words to the most recent carol I listened to in my car, Renée Kube, our Director of U.S. Programs, is quick to jokingly remind me that there should […]

Children Incorporated Annual Report

Fiscal Year 2018-2019

Dear Friends, We proudly present to you our annual report for the fiscal year which ended on June 30, 2019. We are proud of the fact that we are transparent in how we use the funds so generously entrusted to us by our sponsors and donors. We take financial responsibility seriously, and we willingly open our books to all of the major charitable monitoring groups, including Charity Navigator, which has awarded us a 4 Out […]

A Thank-You to Our Supporters

A message of gratitude from our President and CEO Ronald H. Carter

I will never forget the first time I visited the offices of Children Incorporated. It was on a Monday in February of 2003, a day that became one of the most significant in my life. That was the day that I was hired as Assistant Director to the U.S. Programs Division of Children Incorporated. I had worked for another, much larger child sponsorship organization for nearly twelve years, and I was happy there. I had […]

For Our 55th Anniversary, Help Us Reach Our Goal of Raising $55,000

A message from our President and CEO, Ronald H. Carter

Fifty-five years ago, our founder, Jeanne Clarke Wood, aided by her father, J. Calvitt Clarke, started Children Incorporated. By sending handwritten letters and making personal phone calls, Mrs. Wood located sponsors for an initial enrollment of just 95 children. Support for these young people was so generous and effective that many more boys and girls were added in the years that followed. Today, Children Incorporated stands to honor to Mrs. Wood. What she started 55 […]

A Conversation with Mary Wilson

Our CEO and President, Ron Carter, catches up with our award-winning sponsor

My mother’s sister operated a record store in our small hometown of Reidsville, North Carolina. During my childhood in the 1960s, I spent a great deal of time there. While other little boys were outside climbing trees, swinging bats and getting into mischief, I was inside spinning records. Music was everything to me, and while I was a huge Beatlemaniac, my favorite music of all was that of The Supremes — Diana Ross, Florence Ballard […]

55 Years of Helping Children in Need

Our CEO and President, Ron Carter, reflects on our work over the last six decades

In 1964, the average cost of a new home in the United States was $13,050. Postage stamps were 5 cents each, and a gallon of gasoline cost just 25 cents more than that. One could buy a loaf of bread for less than a quarter, and a ticket to see one of the latest theatrical blockbusters — Goldfinger or Mary Poppins — was $1.25. The Ford Motor Company introduced its iconic Mustang with a suggested […]