Stories written by Ron Carter

Older Children in Our Program Need Your Help

A letter from our President and CEO, Ron Carter

Dear Friends,  In my 21 years with Children Incorporated, I have noticed that older children in our sponsorship program are often quite difficult to pair with sponsors, even though their needs are just as great as those of our younger children. We find that older teens, with just one or two years remaining in high school, face many trials and challenges, and their needs are equal to, if not greater than, those of their younger […]

Enormous Heart and Soul

Our President and CEO, Ron Carter, chats with Rosanne Cash

I first met Rosanne Cash in the spring of 2012. Of course, I was already aware of her artistry, having been a big fan of her hit songs “Seven Year Ache,” “Blue Moon With Heartache,” and “I Don’t Know Why You Don’t Want Me,” and I was well aware that she was the daughter of the iconic Johnny Cash. I admit that I was initially a little starstruck to meet her, but since our initial […]

A Family Helping Other Families

An interview with Sandra and Michael Ruddick

Michael and Sandra Ruddick are a family that I have had the pleasure of spending time with over the last 20 years, although their support of our organization far exceeds the time that I have been with Children Incorporated. I recently took some time to ask them some questions about how they became dedicated donors and what drives them to continue to be involved in our work so many years later. RC: You started with […]

Depending on Our Sponsors in Kentucky

Ron Carter continues his visits to Martin County

As I continued my trip to visit our affiliated sites in Martin County, Kentucky, I visited Eden Elementary School, where I had the chance to reconnect with our volunteer coordinator, Marlena, after a few years. She and her assistant, Kelli, welcomed me with open arms as I arrived to the resource center. SEEING EDEN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Marlena and Kelli are very appreciative of the Children Incorporated program, and I got the impression from them, as […]

Visiting our Affiliated Sites in Martin County

Ron Carter travels to Kentucky to visit with our volunteer coordinators

While visiting Martin County, Kentucky last fall, I first met with Kara, our site coordinator at Martin County High School, and I was absolutely blown away by her caring nature and the extent of services she and her assistant offer the young people at her school. Kara stated that she feels her main goal is to help the teenagers at her school look and feel good, just like everyone else, so that they will fit […]

We Need Help to End Hunger for Children in Need

A letter from our President and CEO, Ron Carter

Dear Friends, I recently went on my first ever cruise to the Bahamas and Mexico, and I must say I truly enjoyed the experience. The sunrises over the ocean each morning were breathtaking, and the brush of the waves against the hull of the ship lulled me to sleep each evening. The cruise personnel was wonderfully attentive, and the entertainment on the ship — including two Broadway-type shows and an incredible singer saluting the late […]