The Pinagpala Feeding Program is a project started by Children Incorporated at the Pinagpala Children’s Center in Tagaytay City, Philippines. In 2000, the center was founded by a local church to provide educational assistance to local children in need. Like Children Incorporated, the Pinagpala Children’s Center operates on the mindset that the cycle of poverty can be broken – and it begins with children.

The Pinagpala Feeding Program

The Children’s Center primarily serves first-through tenth-graders in a small, one-room structure that still belongs to the church that established it over fifteen years ago. In addition to the Pinagpala Feeding Program, the center also offers tutorial assistance and an educational curriculum, including daily group activities and workshops.

Feeding programs in the Philippines help ensure children in our program have nutritious food every day.

Almost half of all Filipinos earn less than $2.00 a day, which limits their access to food, particularly nutritional food. There are 25 children who are currently enrolled in and benefit greatly from Children Incorporated’s Pinagpala Feeding Program, which provides them with a nutritious meal before and after school each day.

Helping children to be their best 

Funds raised for the program are used by the Children’s Center to purchase vegetables, meats, grains, and cooking supplies; a contribution of just $15 a month will feed a child two meals daily. Without adequate meals and proper nutrition, children are unable to perform at their best,  especially in an academic environment. Hunger can be overwhelming and incredibly distracting – and so can wondering when the next meal will be.

Poor nutrition may also result in malnourishment, which in turn often stunts emotional and psychological growth. With a full belly, children are better able to concentrate in school; they are more alert and are better able to retain information.We have already seen a dramatic difference in the physical growth and overall performances of the children who are enrolled in the Pinagpala Feeding Program.



You can sponsor a child in the Philippines in one of three ways – call our office and speak with one of our sponsorship specialists at 1-800-538-5381, email us at, or go online to our donation portal, create an account, and search for a child in India that is available for sponsorship.